WhatsApp AI Stickers: What They Are and How to Get Them

Stickers on WhatsApp are entertaining means to express your sentiments, humor, or reactions to messages from your friends or family. They offer a visually appealing and innovative medium for communication. Now, imagine having the capability to generate your very own customized stickers with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? That’s precisely what WhatsApp, via its forthcoming feature—Artificial Intelligence stickers, is examining.

An Overview of WhatsApp AI Stickers

Powered by technology from Meta (formerly known as Facebook), WhatsApp AI stickers are bespoke decals fashioned using AI. They’re built based on text input from the user. The steps for creating these stickers are quite straightforward. Type a description of the sticker you want to create like, “A happy cat with sunglasses,” and the AI will produce as many as four stickers that align with the description. You can pick any of them and transmit it to your contact. Once you share an AI sticker, it will show up in your sticker tray, ready for you to use at any time.

Generation of WhatsApp AI Stickers

This amazing technology uses a secure system from Meta to process your input text while maintaining the privacy of your account information. The AI leverages natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision to intelligently understand your text and create suitable, relevant stickers. Based on your feedback and usage, the AI learns and refines the quality and variety of the stickers it generates.

Process of Creating and Sharing WhatsApp AI Stickers

  1. Launch a chat on WhatsApp and tap on the emoji icon.
  2. Tap on the sticker icon then the create icon.
  3. Whatsapp Ai Sticker
  4. If prompted, agree to the terms and conditions for using AI stickers by tapping continue.
  5. Describe the sticker you wish to create.
  6. Whatsapp Ai Sticker
  7. Do remember that your description can contain up to 20 characters and at present, only English language is supported.
  8. Whatsapp Ai Sticker
  9. The AI will generate up to four stickers based on your description. You can edit your description and repeat the process if needed.
  10. To share a sticker with a contact, just tap on it. You can add it to your favorites, or report it if you find it unsuitable by tap and hold a sticker.

A glance at the sticker tray shows the stickers you’ve recently created by tapping on the clock icon. You can also view your favorite stickers by tapping on the star icon.

The Perks of Using WhatsApp AI Stickers

  • WhatsApp AI stickers allow you to express yourself in a more personalized, creative manner that reflects your mood, style, or personality.
  • The process is easy and effortless. With just a few taps, you can create stickers instead of spending time searching for pre-existing ones or downloading separate apps.
  • WhatsApp AI stickers are fun to use, and you can surprise your friends with unique, hilarious, and unexpected stickers.
  • By using these AI-powered stickers, you’re encouraging technological innovation as this feature evolves over time.

Reporting an AI-Generated Sticker on WhatsApp

In case you stumble upon an AI-generated sticker that seems inappropriate or misleading, you can report it. WhatsApp may take restrictive measures such as banning users who share unacceptable content, in line with their Terms of Service.

To report a sticker that you’ve received, simply tap and hold the sticker during your chat. After that, tap on Report two times. If you need to report a sticker that you’ve created, you can do so during the creation procedure. Just tap Report, pick the sticker you deem inappropriate, select a reason for reporting, and then press Submit.

Frequently Asked Queries & Answers

How can I Access WhatsApp Stickers?

Access to WhatsApp stickers is simple. All you need to do is tap the emoji icon, followed by the sticker and the create icons while you’re in a chat on WhatsApp. Remember, you may need to update your WhatsApp version to use this feature.

How can I Delete or Edit WhatsApp AI Stickers?

Once you’ve sent or received a WhatsApp AI-generated sticker, it cannot be edited or deleted. However, it can be reported if found offensive or inappropriate.

How many WhatsApp AI Stickers can I Create and Share?

The number of WhatsApp AI stickers you can create and share is limitless. There are no restrictions placed on the creation and sharing of stickers.


WhatsApp’s newly envisioned AI stickers feature is a thrilling innovation. It empowers users to generate their own stickers using artificial intelligence, which can be shared with their contacts. This option allows you to express yourself uniquely and creatively. It saves time, adds fun elements to communication, and supports the ever-evolving world of technology. We trust this article has enhanced your understanding of what WhatsApp AI stickers are and how to access them.

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