What is What is ZeroGPT and How to Use it? & How it Works

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What is ZeroGPT and How to Use it?

ZeroGPT is a powerful AI-based plagiarism detector. The sole purpose of this tool is to identify content generated by AI tools, making it easier to differentiate between human and AI-written content. Whether the content is generated by ChatGPT, Google BARD, or other AI tools, ZeroGPT can classify it efficiently and accurately.

How does ZeroGPT Work?

ZeroGPT works as a text classifier and uses complex algorithms to identify the origins of an article. You simply input the text, and ZeroGPT will do the rest. It checks the provided content against its databases and generates results based on the detected patterns and anomalies that AI tools usually exhibit. The system utilizes two primary factors to determine the results: Text Perplexity and Burstiness, markers that indicate the level of complexity, randomness, and variation in the language—traits often associated with human writers.

ZeroGPT Features

One of the defining features of ZeroGPT is its multi-language functionality, which allows it to detect AI-produced content in several languages. Additionally, ZeroGPT is designed to handle both short and long-form content, ensuring broad functionality and use. Its impressive accuracy rate, over 98% as per reports, is another significant feature that makes ZeroGPT stand out.

ZeroGPT Pricing

The ZeroGPT platform is available for free for all users. You just need to visit the official website, input your content, and get the results—it’s that simple. However, the platform is still in its beta version, and pricing for additional features or enhanced service in the future isn’t disclosed as of yet.

How to Use ZeroGPT?

Using ZeroGPT is straightforward. After accessing their website, locate the “Try ZeroGPT” section. You then input the text you want to check in the provided text box, accept the Terms of Service, and click ‘get results’. Within moments, ZeroGPT will display whether the text is AI-written or human-written.

Final Thoughts – Is ZeroGPT accurate?

Although no AI detection tool can guarantee 100% accuracy, ZeroGPT provides an exceptional degree of accuracy in identifying AI-generated content. It’s a great tool for anyone dealing with content, aiding them in maintaining the originality and authenticity of their texts. In addition, the platform’s ease of use and free-of-cost service make it a highly accessible tool for everyone.

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