What is What is Claude AI: How is Anthropic’s Chatbot vs ChatGPT & How it Works

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What is Claude AI: A Breakdown of Anthropic’s Chatbot vs ChatGPT

Anthropic has put forth its revolutionary AI chatbot, “Claude AI”, as a direct competitor to OpenAI’s well-known ChatGPT, showcasing similar functionality such as content generation, code development, and query resolution. However, Claude AI has the notable distinction of being less inclined to entertain negative or inappropriate queries, thereby enhancing its reliability and safety as a chatbot.

How Does Claude AI Operate?

Being a high-capacity language model, Anthropic’s Claude AI possesses the impressive ability to formulate text, write code, and function as an AI interface, quite akin to the functions of ChatGPT. Underpinned by Anthropic’s notable innovations in instructing reliable, straightforward, and safe AI mechanisms, Claude is designed to effectively manage damaging or malicious commands, and guarantee results that are useful, and free from harm or malicious intent.

What are Claude AI’s Features?

Claude AI displays an array of features susceptible of being tailored to align with the user’s voice and brand. Users can request Claude AI to develop content reflecting their preferred tone, behavior, and personality. Features include but are not limited to summarization of content, generating answers to complex queries, providing writing assistance or generating code. A standout feature of Claude AI is it’s commitment to honesty and trust by managing harmful or inappropriate queries and clearly explaining its objections to certain topics.

What is the Pricing Structure of Claude AI?

Anthropic has developed a subscription-based pricing structure for its Claude and Claude Instant service. Charges are based on the usage of characters for both input and output. Claude Instant charges $0.42 for access to one million characters as prompt input and $1.45 for each million characters in the output. In contrast, the larger model, Claude-v1, charges roughly $2.90 for accessing one million character inputs and roughly $8.60 per million characters in the output.

How to Use Claude AI

To sign up for Claude AI, simply visit the Anthropic website and provide your details including your email, first name, last name, the name of your organisation, the product you want to use, tasks you intend to use Claude AI for, and any additional comments you might have.


Anthropic’s Claude AI establishes itself as an exceptional AI chatbot, offering similar benefits and results to that of ChatGPT. With its unique ability to generate honest and accurate content while evading harmful and malicious outputs, Claude AI stands out as a safer and more reliable AI chatbot for users.

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