What is Vidnoz AI – Price, Free Alternatives, How to Use & How it Works

Vidnoz AI revolutionizes the production of engrossing videos by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), providing users a cost-effective method to create captivating videos with remarkable AI avatars and voiceovers.

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What is Vidnoz AI?

Vidnoz AI is a remarkable AI tool that allows individuals to create engaging AI videos in a snap. Allowing the transformation of different files such as PDFs, PPTs, URLs, Media assets, Documents, and more into fascinating AI videos. Housing over a hundred AI avatars with voiceovers and gestures to make the AI videos seem realistic with a perfect lip-syncing between AI voiceovers and scripts.

How does Vidnoz AI work?

To get the Vidnoz AI working, users simply select their preferred AI Avatar or upload an image of their choice. They then input their texts, choose the language, and voice-over for the video. The tool processes the data in a matter of seconds and creates a brilliant AI video starring your AI Avatar with a near-perfect lip-sync to the pre-selected texts.

Vidnoz AI features

A significant feature of Vidnoz AI is the realistic AI talking photo it enables users to create by transforming texts into speech in a jiffy. It also offers a wide array of language options, catering to the needs of individuals from different parts of the world. In addition, Vidnoz AI houses numerous avatar options and provides the ability for users to customize the avatars to their liking. From selecting characters like Einstein or Mona Lisa to even creating a customized avatar by entering a prompt related to their desired avatar’s attributes. This tool covers all.

Vidnoz AI Pricing

Vidnoz AI provides a free plan that comes with 35 Voices, 200+ Video Templates, a 720P Export Resolution, and over 100+ AI Avatars. To access more features, users would need to subscribe to the Pro version, which comprises a Starter Plan starting at $19.99/month and a Business Plan that starts at $74.99. For tailored features, Vidnoz allows users to schedule a demo under the Enterprise Plan.

How to Use Vidnoz AI

With Vidnoz AI’s user-friendly interface, creating AI Avatar videos becomes an effortless task. Following a few easy steps in which the user visits the official site, logs in via the available social media platforms, selects an Avatar, inputs their preferred text, selects their preferred language and input voice, Vidnoz AI generates a video that meets the user’s needs.


Vidnoz AI establishes itself as a unique online tool that presents the opportunity for users to create captivating AI videos. With an extensive array of avatars, options for voice-overs, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing, Vidnoz AI removes the competence barrier in video creation, giving everyone the chance to create captivating videos without much hassle.

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