What is Uberduck AI Text-to-speech, AI Voice Generator & How it Works

Official Website Company Name Category Launch Date
https://uberduck.ai/ Uberduck AI Text-to-Speech Generator Late 2020s

Introduction to Uberduck AI Text-to-speech, AI Voice Generator

Uberduck AI has emerged as an extremely popular application that utilizes artificial intelligence for transforming text into speech, voice cloning, and automation. It can generate over 5000 voiceovers and create an impressive number of original raps, lyrics, and music. This is the primary reason for its immense popularity.

How Uberduck AI Text-to-speech, AI Voice Generator Functions

The functionality of Uberduck AI is quite straightforward. Users can select the preferred option, and the application follows the issued command. Below are the steps on how it works:

  • Visit Uberduck AI’s official site on your device.
  • Select the required service from the available menu.
  • For text-to-speech conversion, select it.
  • Choose the voice from the artist list to which the text needs to be converted.
  • Enter the text for conversion into speech.
  • You can listen to the audio after successful conversion by pressing the Play button.

Features of Uberduck AI Text-to-speech, AI Voice Generator

As an AI-driven text-to-speech conversion application, Uberduck AI boasts several impressive features:

  • A vast voice bank, including celebrity voices, for voiceover.
  • Capacity to add personal sound and convert text content into that sound.
  • Lyrics and rap creation capabilities.
  • Integration of original audio effects and music compositions.

Uberduck AI Text-to-speech, AI Voice Generator Pricing

While Uberduck AI is available for free, the free version only has access to 4000 voices and 5 saved audio clips. For accessing all premium features, users must subscribe to its paid plans:

  • Free – Unlimited access for a lifetime at $0
  • Creator – Annual subscription at $96
  • Clone – Annual subscription at $480
  • Enterprise – Monthly subscription at $300

How to Use Uberduck AI Text-to-speech, AI Voice Generator

Using Uberduck AI is uncomplicated. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Firstly, visit Uberduck AI’s official website and login or signup for a new account. Then, choose the the text-to-speech option, select a voice from the available choices, enter the text for conversion, click on ‘synthesize’ and wait for the audio to get ready. Lastly, hit play to listen to the generated speech.


Uberduck AI is a unique, creative, and practical application that employs artificial intelligence for text-to-speech conversion and voice cloning. It is beneficial for users who require voiceover or audio content in other voices. Despite some minor issues that might occur due to technical glitches, Uberduck AI is an exceptional app that offers a user-friendly platform and numerous valuable features.

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