What is Tldv – AI-Powered Meeting Recorder for Zoom and Google Meet & How it Works


Tl;dv is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) meeting assistant that offers online meeting recording, editing, and transcription services. It is specifically designed for remote and hybrid users who rely on platforms like Zoom and Google Meet for their meetings.

Tldv Features

  • High-quality recording: Tl;dv ensures that your meetings and conversations are recorded in high quality, both in terms of video and audio.
  • Unlimited recording: Users can generate unlimited meeting recordings without any limitations.
  • Transcription in multiple languages: Tl;dv can transcribe your meetings in over 30 languages, making it accessible for users around the world.
  • Meeting summarization: The platform allows users to summarize key moments and topics discussed during their meetings.

Tldv Use Case – Real-World Applications

  • Record Online Meetings for Free: Tl;dv offers a fast and free way to record online meetings on platforms like Zoom and Google Meet.
  • AI-Powered Meetings: Tl;dv leverages AI technology to improve note-taking and summarization during meetings.
  • UX Research Repository: Tl;dv serves as a repository for UX research, allowing users to access feedback anytime and anywhere.
  • Scale Onboarding & Training: Tl;dv provides onboarding resources for new employees, making it easier for them to understand meetings and presentations.
  • Amplify the Voice of the Customer: Tl;dv helps businesses dive into customer insights and emotions by recording and transcribing customer calls.

Tldv Pricing

Tl;dv offers a free plan that provides unlimited recordings and transcripts. For larger teams, there are Pro and Enterprise plans available with additional features such as CRM integrations and dedicated customer success managers. Pricing details can be found on their website.

How to Use Tldv

  1. Visit the Tl;dv website and add the Chrome extension to your browser.
  2. Log in to your Tl;dv account using your email address.
  3. Start a meeting on Zoom or Google Meet.
  4. Click on the “Start Recording” button provided by Tl;dv.
  5. Tl;dv will join the meeting and begin transcribing it in real-time.
  6. After the meeting, you can access the full transcript recorded by Tl;dv.


Tl;dv is a powerful AI-powered meeting recorder designed for remote and hybrid users. With its high-quality recording, transcription capabilities, and user-friendly features, Tl;dv simplifies the process of recording, summarizing, and transcribing online meetings. Whether you need to record Zoom or Google Meet meetings, Tl;dv has got you covered. Sign up for their free plan and experience the convenience of Tl;dv today.

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