What is Tavern AI – How to Use, Price and Alternatives  & How it Works

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Introducing Tavern AI

Tavern AI is a revolutionary AI-based platform ushering in a new era of conversational adventures. The platform collaborates with famous AI services, including ChatGPT, KoboldAI, NovelAI, and Pygmalion, utilizing API. It offers users an extraordinary interaction experience with a comprehensive array of characters, differentiated by a myriad of traits and styles.

How Tavern AI Works

Central to Tavern AI is an advanced language model, designed to comprehend human inputs while grasping their intent and emotional essence. Its capabilities can be attributed to its underpinnings – machine learning and AI algorithms – that enable the generation of human-like dialogs.

The platform supports character creation with a plethora of styles and traits. It allows users to define their desired characters in terms of the nature and background, adding a highly personalized touch to role-playing adventures. Whether users wish to chat up a cartoon icon, a movie star, or any famous personality, Tavern AI brings to life their imagination through its well-orchestrated AI characters.

Noteworthy Features of Tavern AI

Tavern AI boasts several notable features:

  • Multiple Language Models Support: The platform is compatible with various language models like GPT-3.5, Koold AI, Poe, and Claude, offering users a versatile and tailored chatting experience.
  • Immersive Chat Experience: With a range of AI characters at their disposal, users can enjoy real-time conversations that mirror human-like interactions. Thanks to the AI technology implemented in the software, the user experience becomes personalized.
  • Advanced Customization Options: Tavern AI offers elaborate customization options. One can design their AI character from scratch, specifying various details including its background and nature.
  • Group Chats: The platform allows users to engage in discussions with multiple AI characters simultaneously, making the chat experience even more interactive.

Tavern AI Pricing Plan

Users can get full access to the Tavern AI platform for free. However, it’s important to note that costs may arise in relation to the usage of APIs facilitated by the AI chatbot.

Using Tavern AI

Contrary to standard AI chatbots, Tavern AI has a somewhat intricate user procedure, outlined as follows:

  1. Installation of NodeJS on your Personal Computer (PC).
  2. Installation of GitHub Desktop, an interface that allows interaction with GitHub repositories, including Tavern AI.
  3. Downloading Tavern AI software from the official GitHub page.
  4. Launching Tavern AI by clicking on the Start.bat file.
  5. Creating an AI character, specifying details like personality traits and appearance.
  6. Choosing an Avatar and a language model to acquire the API URL.
  7. Activating the chatbot using an API key in the character settings.
  8. Finally, starting a chat with the created AI character.


Tavern AI is a remarkable AI chatbot platform that provides users a unique interactive experience. With advanced AI algorithms and machine learning technology, Tavern AI brings users’ desired characters to life and offers them immersive conversational experiences. Thanks to its free access complemented by high-level security measures, Tavern AI is unique in its league, making it a platform worth exploring for all AI enthusiasts.

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