What is Sidekicks AI & How it Works

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Official Website https://www.crazies.co/x/sidekicks
Company Name Crazies & Co.
Launch Date 2021
Category Assistant tools

About Sidekicks AI

Sidekicks AI is a unique platform designed for those with a spark of innovation. It’s not just for tech enthusiasts, but also for anyone who is ready to roll out their inventive ideas and create something new. This platform is a host for AI-based holographic assistants which can be personalized according to your needs.

How does Sidekicks AI work?

With a group of experienced professionals supporting the platform, Sidekicks AI provides a helping hand to entrepreneurs as well as students, assisting them to convert their ideas into reality. The platform guides you to choose the right idea that has the potential to succeed and provides backing to inventors to reach their goals.

Sidekicks AI Features

  • The AI assistant can be tweaked and tailored as per your needs.
  • The tool simplifies complex subjects related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and presents them in a more comprehensible language.
  • Apart from learning, the AI assistant can be used as a chatbot, helping businesses connect with their customers more effectively.
  • The AI assistant can also help improve your language skills.
  • Its compatibility with a range of devices – mobiles, tablets, and desktops – enhances its usability.

Sidekicks AI Pricing

The pricing of Sidekicks AI is flexible and depends on how you plan to use the platform. Starting at a price point of $99, the tool serves multiple purposes. More customization options can, however, influence the price. You can get specific information about the pricing structure by contacting the sales support team.

How to use Sidekicks AI

Sidekicks AI serves multiple use-cases – individuals, professionals, students, or businesses, everyone finds it helpful. It can help you organize events, prepare for meetings, handle customer services, assist children in learning – the list is endless.


To sum it up, Sidekicks AI is for those who are willing to bring their innovative ideas to life. With a team of experts ready to guidance, the platform stands as a support to help you execute your business ideas. Plus, the AI assistant adds value to your businesses and personal tasks on the go.

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