What is Runway AI & How it Works

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https://runwayml.com/ Runway AI Video editing software 2018

About Runway AI

Transforming the approach to image and video editing, Runway AI introduces cutting-edge machine learning and computer graphic technologies into its system. The AI technology doesn’t just make editing easier and quicker, it also eliminates the need for traditional video shooting processes. Adept at generating high-quality images and videos from text, images, or video prompts, Runway AI is a complete suite that makes video creation feel like a breeze.

How does Runway AI work

Runway AI utilises state-of-the-art Gen-1 and Gen-2 AI models in amalgamation with innovative ML & computer graphics technologies. These models pave the way for eye-catching art, images, and videos to be crafted from texts, images & video prompts. Easy to use, Runway’s software is accessible to content creators without extensive coding experience, letting you export videos in various HD qualities and file formats.

Runway AI Features

Powered by AI, Runway simplifies and streamlines the video editing process, making it 10 times faster. With numerous cutting-edge features like “Text to Image” generation tool, “Image to Image” tool, “Infinite Image” tool, and “Frame Interpolation” tool, and many more, it enables the creation of focused and coherent videos and images. It also offers a cloud-based version so that users can access the software on any device with an active internet connection, adding to its convenience factor.

Runway AI Pricing

Runway AI offers four different plans – Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. This caters to individuals as well as small to large business corporations. While the Basic plan is free and offers up to 3 video projects, the Standard and Pro plans offer unlimited video projects at $12/user/month and $28/user/month respectively. For large corporations with substantial requirements, the Enterprise plan can be customized accordingly.

How to Use Runway AI

Runway AI is extremely user-friendly and does not require advanced coding skills. After signing up on the official website, users can access a range of tools and features to create striking videos and images. You can opt for a free plan and later upgrade to a premium plan to avail more advanced features. Runway AI credits act as the currency within the platform and the more you have, the more creations you can generate.


With the footprints of its robust AI models embedded deeply in the world of image and video editing, Runway AI’s future seems bright. It provides a golden opportunity for designers and video editors to step away from traditional creation methods and embrace an AI-powered future. With its continuous innovation and weekly updates, Runway AI certainly empowers the creative process, allowing its users to bring their imaginations to life.

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