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Company Name Wonsulting
Launch Date 2019
Category Resume generation tools

What is ResumAI?

ResumAI is one of the prominent products from Wonsulting AI, your one-stop-shop for all job-hunting tools. This exceptional tool primarily helps job seekers to quickly formulate high-impact resumes that are tailored to specific job descriptions. Looking to give your existing resume a new edge? ResumAI can enhance your resume by suggesting improvements and highlighting necessary areas. By suggesting suitable keywords, ResumAI ensures your resume stands out in applicant tracking systems.

How does ResumAI work?

ResumAI operates efficiently by using the information provided by the user. All you need to do is provide the AI with some necessary details such as your name, educational credentials, and work experience, and then sit back and relax. ResumAI takes full control from that point and crafts various resumes to save you the hassle of continuous modification of resumes for diverse job positions.

ResumAI Features

ResumAI proves to be a lifesaver for numerous job seekers as it offers a plethora of essential resume creation services all in one place. Some of its highlighted features include:
– Creation of bullet points to ensure recruiters can easily catch on to the crucial information.
– Formatting resumes to pass through ATS systems seamlessly.
– Provision of multiple resumes for varied job positions.
– Ability for users to download the resume in PDF format and share them with potential employers.
– Numerous templates allowing users to formulate resumes quickly.
– Crafting tailored resumes by adding pertinent sections and keywords according to specific job descriptions.

ResumAI Pricing

It is essential to note that ResumAI is a paid service. Its pricing strategy relies on tokens used for creating or editing a resume. Upon registration, ResumAI offers ten free tokens that can generate up to three bullet points. Post utilisation of these free tokens, users need to purchase additional tokens to continue creating or editing resumes.

How to Use ResumAI

Using ResumAI for resume enhancement is relatively straightforward. Feed in all the relevant information like name, educational details, and work experience. The AI will accordingly suggest different improvements, like fixing grammatical errors and formatting mistakes, and recommend essential keywords to get noticed by the application tracking system.


In short, ResumAI stands out as an innovative resume-building tool powered by AI. It promises to furnish ATS-friendly, professional-looking resumes within minutes. Get started with ResumAI today and make your resume stand out from the crowd, accelerating your journey to land your dream job.

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