What is Pictory AI & How it Works


Official Website https://pictory.ai/
Company Name Pictory AI
Category AI Video Editing Tool
Launch Date July 2020

What is Pictory AI?

Pictory AI: Revolutionizing Video Creation and Editing with AI

Pictory AI is an innovative video creation and editing tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. Its primary function is to convert long-form videos into succinct and engaging short videos. The tool goes beyond just video editing by employing AI technology to analyze the tone and emotion of the text and video content. This allows it to create highly engaging videos, whether they are short or long-form.

How does Pictory AI work?

Utilizing Pictory AI requires no technical expertise or extensive knowledge in graphic design. It’s designed to be user-friendly and intuitive enough for anyone to create videos for professional or personal use in a matter of minutes. Pictory AI is equipped with a variety of features that simplify the video editing and creation process, making it a valuable toolkit for any content creator.

Pictory AI Features

Pictory AI boasts a rich set of features that can help create high-quality videos from PDFs or blog posts. These features include:

  • Quick Video Editing: Perfect for creating short and long videos by adding texts, captions, and removing unnecessary content. With custom settings, users can also add their own logos and fonts to make the videos fit their brand’s aesthetic.
  • Conversion of Short Highlight Videos from Long Videos: Create short, engaging videos to boost conversion rates on social media platforms.
  • Automatic Sum-up of Long Videos: The tool can summarize long videos, highlighting the key points to grab the audience’s attention.
  • Scripts Conversion to Videos: Convert scripts into highly engaging videos with Pictory AI Reelfast technology.
  • Blogs Conversion to Videos: Transform blog posts into visually stunning videos to captivate your audience.
  • Adding Captions to Videos: Rather than manually writing captions, use Pictory AI to add automatic texts that could simultaneously increase your SEO rankings for wider audience reach.
  • Converting Video to Text: Pull written transcripts from videos in no time. This allows you to double the content by turning videos into ebooks or blog posts.

Pictory AI Pricing

Pictory AI offers a free trial while three paid plans include a Standard Plan ($19 per user/month), Premium Plan ($39 per user/month), and an Enterprise Plan (customized).

How to use Pictory AI?

No matter if you are a marketer, content creator, blogger, or YouTube channel owner, Pictory AI can add value to your work. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, it assists in quickly creating and editing videos.


To sum up, Pictory AI offers a great platform for effortless video creation and editing. The fact that it’s user-friendly and affordable makes it a top choice for creators, bloggers, marketers, and agencies. Its capabilities to add value to your content and help you reach a wider audience make it a must-have tool. So, if you are keen to create engaging videos, give Pictory AI a try.


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