What is Patterned AI & How it Works

Unleashing the Power of AI with Patterned AI

Revolutionize your design process with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) by utilizing Patterned AI for your business. A powerful AI-backed tool, Patterned AI specializes in producing remarkable patterns and designs that can amplify the appeal of your products or services.

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https://www.patterned.ai/ PatternedAI Pattern generation tools 2022

What is Patterned AI?

Patterned AI is an advanced tool that leverages AI technology to generate mesmerizing, royalty-free designs, perfect for designers or businesses seeking to enchant their audiences visually. This platform aims to cultivate consistency in your designs by blending repetitive patterns into a seamless and enchanting visual narrative.

How does Patterned AI work?

Patterned AI functions by transforming the text you input into impressive designs. The platform’s gallery features a selection of editable pre-designed patterns, offering you a thrill of creative exploration. With a single click, it allows you to share high-quality patterns and explore multiple variations of your favored designs.

Patterned AI Features

Patterned AI boasts several distinctive features that help you formulate innovative patterns quickly:

  • Generates royalty-free images based on text input.
  • Creates high-resolution patterns in SVG and PNG formats.
  • Allows for instant modifications in colors, resolution, and other image aspects.
  • Enables users to preview designs on various products before the final download or edits.
  • Presents a user-friendly interface, tailored for both beginners and professional designers.

Patterned AI Pricing

Patterned AI operates on a pay-as-you-go pricing system, with a free trial offering 20 credits for users to test the waters of pattern creation. The Patterned AI pricing plans include:

  • Starter: Priced at $10/month, this plan offers text-to-image creation, 300 credits, and royalty-free images.
  • Standard: Priced at $30/month, this plan provides 2000 credits, text-to-image creation, image-to-image creation, SVG downloads, and royalty-free images.
  • Pro: Priced at $60/month, this plan guarantees 4000 credits, text-to-image creation, image-to-image creation, SVG downloads, private pattern keeping, and royalty-free images.
  • Enterprise: Regulated according to the company’s specific requirements. Contact their sales team for further details.

How to Use Patterned AI

Patterned AI serves as an advantageous tool for designers and marketers aiming to create captivating designs for their projects or marketing campaigns. Additionally, product developers can use the platform to create product mockups.


In conclusion, Patterned AI is a compelling platform for artisans, marketers, or businesses in search of enticing designs for their products or services. By offering the luxury of generating royalty-free images for individual and commercial use, patterned AI is designed to transform your creative process.

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