What is OpenAI Whisper & How it Works

Official Website https://openai.com/research/whisper
Company Name Open AI
Category Speech Recognition tools
Launch Date N/A

About OpenAI Whisper

OpenAI Whisper is a multilingual speech recognition system designed to convert speech into text or translate it into different languages. The technology has been trained on numerous hours of multilingual and multitask data from the web, allowing it to cater to various languages with high precision.

How does OpenAI Whisper work

OpenAI Whisper uses deep learning and natural language processing techniques to recognize and transcribe speech. Its proficiency extends to both English and non-English audio; with the additional advantage of translating the transcriptions into different languages. The Whisper AI technology does not include the attribute of recording audio but is proficient in transcribing existing audio files with an impressive level of accuracy due to its extensive training dataset.

OpenAI Whisper Features

OpenAI Whisper comes packed with several productive features that automate and simplify the process of speech recognition and transcription. Some of these features include:

  • Support for over 100 languages for translation and understanding.
  • Ability to identify the language used in an audio file.
  • Access to an API for developers for integrating Whisper AI with other software applications.
  • Offline access for users.
  • Ability to distinguish speech in various accents, regardless of the background noise.

OpenAI Whisper Pricing

OpenAI Whisper is an open-source tool, allowing users to utilize its core functionality free of charge. However, there are charges on the usage of the API. The pricing starts at $0.006 per 1000 tokens, offering a flexible pay-as-you-go model for users.

How to Use OpenAI Whisper

To access the OpenAI Whisper, users are required to login with their OpenAI credentials. Once signed in, they can leverage the tool to transcribe audio files, identify languages or translate languages as per their requirements.


In conclusion, OpenAI Whisper stands as a robust solution to multilingual speech recognition and translation needs. Its ability to transcribe audio files with a high degree of accuracy makes it a handy tool in any industry that requires translation and transcription services. Albeit its still under development phase, the tool displays incredible potential and is anticipated to offer versatile applications as it continues to evolve.

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