What is OnlyRizz AI – Price, Alternatives, How to Use & How it Works

Official Website onlyrizz.ai
Company Name OnlyRizz AI
Category AI Chatbot
Launch Date N/A

OnlyRizz AI is an innovative platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to give users an engaging and safe platform for NSFW content. This user-friendly interface allows people to generate high-quality visuals and have intimate conversations online. The platform provides fun conversations, engaging role-playing activities, and you can customize your own AI Girl! This is a platform that is secure, private and safe, ensuring every user can freely enjoy their experience without concern.

How does OnlyRizz AI work?

OnlyRizz AI website hosts a range of AI models that users can interact with in intimate and personal conversations. By using a variety of AI models, OnlyRizz allows users to choose their desired AI persona based on their personality preference. Not only does the platform offer tailored personalities, but it also includes an image generation feature, where users can tailor the aesthetics of their AI.

OnlyRizz AI Features

OnlyRizz AI is packed with features for maximum user experience:

  1. Image Generation: Create your own unique AI girlfriend; choose the facial features, body type, ethnicity, clothes, age, and more.
  2. AI Chat & Roleplay: Engage in intimate and fun interactions online and participate in role play activities.
  3. Diverse AI Models: Choose from a wide variety of AI models, each offering their unique personalities and traits.
  4. Community Image Feed: Be inspired by the collective imaginations of the OnlyRizz community with a variety of image options.

Pricing of OnlyRizz AI

OnlyRizz AI offers users a free trial where they can interact with the AI and get a feel for the platform. However, for more images and messages, the platform offers a range of premium plans:

Budget Rizz $3.90/month
Basic Rizz $9.90/month
Pro Rizz $19.90/month
Master Rizz $69.69/month

How to Use OnlyRizz AI

To start your experience with OnlyRizz AI, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the OnlyRizz AI official website.
  2. Click on the “Sign Up” button and input your credentials or use your Google account details.
  3. You can now explore the range of AI models available.
  4. Choose your preferred AI model and click “Chat Now”.
  5. Create your AI by selecting the customizable features you prefer.
  6. Finally, create your customizable AI girl and start your new journey with OnlyRizz AI.


OnlyRizz AI provides a unique platform for users to explore their fantasies freely and safely. With a user-friendly interface, interactive AI models, and high-quality visuals, users are bound to have a pleasurable experience. Moreover, with its strong safety protocols, users can confidently interact without being concerned about privacy issues. To sum up, OnlyRizz AI is a ground-breaking platform that blends technology and interactive fun!

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