What is NovelAI & How it Works

An In-depth Look at NovelAI: Unleashing Creativity in Storytelling

NovelAI, a cloud-based application, serves as a gatekeeper to the world of intriguing story creation.

Official Website NovelAI
Company Name Anlatan
Launch Date 2021
Category Text generation tools

What is NovelAI?

NovelAI is a compelling cloud-based service that assists users in crafting stories from the ground up, enriching existing ones, or abbreviating lengthy text. The highly sophisticated application leverages artificial intelligence to synthesize human-like narratives, lending itself to various genres such as comedy, thrill, romance, adventure, and more.

How Does NovelAI Work?

Using NovelAI is as smooth as a breeze; all you need to do is enter a prompt, and within seconds you have a beautifully crafted output. However, before you can access this wonder of AI, you need to create an account on the platform.

NorvelAI’s Exclusive Features

NovelAI has been crafted with ample features to speed up and ease the process of storytelling. The key elements include:

  • The platform allows users to conjure stories and provides functionality for users to modify them. It can even complete partly written tales.
  • It provides story protection by encrypting them, thereby preventing unauthorized use or copyright issues.
  • Users can deliberately choose the narration style and tone of their tales.
  • It supports multilingualism, hence stories can be produced in various languages.
  • Users also possess the freedom to fine-tune their stories and editors as per their needs.

NorvelAI Pricing

To avail the boundless benefits of NovelAI, users can opt for its paid plans. NovelAI comes in three pricing tiers that cater to different user needs and budget:

  1. Tablet – $10 per month – Unlimited text generations with 1024 tokens of memory and 1000 Anlas.
  2. Scroll – $15 per month – Unlimited text generations with 2048 tokens of memory and 1000 Anlas.
  3. Opus – $25 per month – Unlimited text generations with 2048 tokens of memory and 10,000 Anlas.



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