What is Metaview AI & How it Works

Introducing Metaview AI – an AI-enabled tool uniquely designed to assist recruiters in capturing essential interview details. This tool uses cutting-edge technology to create a detailed summary of any interview, enabling recruiters to focus on the interaction and quality of the interview rather than on note-taking. This tool also allows recruiters to review the interview afterward and leverage AI-generated insights for hiring consistency and effectiveness. It’s an innovative step towards efficient and effective recruitment.

Official Website Company Name Category Launch Date
https://www.metaview.ai/  Metaview Productivity Tools 2018

How does Metaview AI work

Metaview AI leverages artificial intelligence to automatically take notes during interviews. This saves tremendous time for recruiters who historically had to manually capture key interview points, at times causing a distraction from the actual conversation with candidates. Metaview AI offers a chance to avoid this by efficiently documenting the complete interview. This tool can be integrated with various business tools, including video conferencing tools (like Zoom, Google Meet), scheduling tools (like Calendly, Goodtime), and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). In a constant strive for improvement, Metaview AI also collects continuous feedback from its users to enhance its note-taking function.

Metaview AI Features

Made for the modern interviewer, Metaview AI boasts of a list of essential features, including:

  • Summarizes the candidate’s information and interview conversation using AI.
  • Compatible with various recruiting and conferencing software.
  • Can record video or phone interviews and create written notes by converting speech-to-text.
  • Adapts to the note-taking style of the recruiter.
  • Complies with data protection guidelines of GDPR and CCPA, ensuring safety of candidate and company data.
  • Generates AI-powered scorecards with autocomplete functionality.
  • Offers customizable templates that can be modified according to preferred note-taking style.
  • Facilitates an interactive experience by featuring chat-like options for recruiters when reviewing notes.

Metaview AI Pricing

Metaview AI offers various pricing plans based on the company’s requirements:

  • Free – Up to 5 interviews and AI-generated notes.
  • Core – At $20 per user per month, includes 12 monthly interviews, and everything included in the free plan.
  • Pro – At $50 per user per month, offers unlimited monthly interviews, and includes all features of the Core plan.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing solutions tailored for large enterprises seeking more features.

How to Use Metaview AI

You can leverage Metaview AI in various ways to simplify and streamline your hiring process:

  • Use it for automatically taking notes while conducting interviews.
  • Utilize the tool to review an interview or retrieve a candidate’s information.
  • Conduct remote interviews more efficiently using Metaview AI.
  • Implement it to streamline your interview process and make it more effective.


Metaview AI is an innovative AI-powered platform designed to bring ease and efficiency to the recruitment arena. Whether it’s summarizing detailed conversation notes or offering integrations with popular business tools, Metaview AI empowers recruiters to conduct interviews in a more streamlined, informed, and effective manner without the hassle of manual note-taking.

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