What is Mage Space AI Free Image Generator and How to Use It?

Official Website https://www.mage.space/
Company Name Mage Space
Category AI-powered Image Generation Tool
Launch Date 2019

What is Mage Space?

Mage Space is a breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence, offering the ability to transform text into digital images. This futuristic tool takes your imagined ideas and brings them to life on the screen by automatically generating realistic images from the text.

How does Mage Space Work?

Using advanced AI algorithms, Mage Space takes the text that you input and begins creating a visual representation of your words. It doesn’t just offer the simple text-to-image conversion, but it presents over 60 unique AI models. Therefore, it goes beyond just generating static images; it’s capable of creating GIFs and high-resolution art up to a pixel perfect 2048*2048 dimension.

Mage Space Features

  • Multiple AI models: offers more than 60 custom AI models allowing you to enable different functionalities.
  • GIF generation: Ability to convert your text into animated GIFs.
  • Safety: Mage Space takes utmost care of your safety by allowing navigation in NSFW content.
  • Vast Community: With Mage Space, you become a part of a wide community where users can share their experiences and assist others.
  • Privacy: Any image generated on the platform is private and the user has full control over its visibility.

Mage Space Pricing

Delighting its users, Mage Space offers a free experience that doesn’t compromise on the core features. There is no need to create an account and yet, you can access over 90 custom AI models, enjoy ad-free usage, and create a plethora of images with privacy control. Additionally, they offer a Pro Plan for $15 per month that unlocks advanced features such as multiple active sessions, creation of GIFs, increased step count, and more.

How to Use Mage Space?

Using Mage Space is quite straightforward. You start by typing the description of the image in the text bar. Optionally, you can also add an image to give a clearer description. Upon clicking the generate button, Mage Space processes your input, creating an image based on the given description. Once the image is generated, you can further edit the image, upscale it for a higher resolution and even download it. The edits can be achieved through functionalities like upscale, face fix or upscale pro.


The advanced AI-powered tool, Mage Space, is arguably a revolution in the field of digital content generation. Its ability to transform text into images, GIFs, and even photorealistic art is simply incredible. Whether you wish to use it for personal leisure or professional content creation, its extensive features cater to all requirements. While the free version works just fine, to unlock premium features, the Pro Plan is recommended.

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