What is Kreado AI & How it Works

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What is Kreado AI?

Kreado AI is an AI-powered video generation platform designed to simplify the video creation process. The software is known for its ability to produce multilingual oral videos using AI-generated characters, either real or virtual. Its user-friendly interface and versatile features make it an excellent tool for video content creators, enabling them to quickly generate compelling video content in numerous languages.

How does Kreado AI work?

Kreado AI’s working process revolves around leveraging artificial intelligence to generate high-quality oral videos. It starts by taking prompts from users and using its sophisticated AI technology to process these prompts into the desired video output. It’s also capable of creating custom avatars, which users can easily personalize by providing the appropriate prompts. The rich feature set of Kreado AI and its user-friendly interface make the video creation process simple and quick.

Kreado AI Features

Kreado AI boasts a variety of impressive features that facilitate its functionality. Among these features include:

  • It supports video creation in up to 140 languages.
  • A single keyword is all it takes to start generating videos.
  • It’s equipped with a function that produces customizable avatars based on the input keywords.
  • Kreado AI is capable of generating AI-based marketing copies.

Kreado AI Pricing

Unlike many other video generation tools on the market today, Kreado AI is available for free. This implies that you don’t need to pay anything to use it. Moreover, it offers all its features at no cost, and there’s no fee for downloading the videos. This makes Kreado AI not only a powerful but also an affordable tool for video content creators.

How to Use Kreado AI

Using Kreado AI is something any video content creator can manage with ease. All you need to do is sign up for a free account via their official website. After signing up, you can immediately start using it to create videos in any supported language. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for users to find and utilize its functions effectively.


In conclusion, Kreado AI presents itself as a powerful and cost-effective tool for professional video content creators looking to improve their video production. With the ability to generate multilingual oral videos and custom avatars in seconds, it’s no doubt a remarkable tool. Moreover, the fact that it’s free of charge makes it an even more tempting choice. Whether you need to create personal, professional, or commercial content, Kreado AI is an ideal choice.

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