What is InstructGPT: Features, Use Cases & How it Works


InstructGPT stands out as a more reliable and less toxic AI tool, compared to its predecessor, GPT-3, offering superior accuracy and dependability.

Official Website https://openai.com/blog/instruction-following
Company Name Open AI
Category Large Language Model
Launch Date N/A

What is InstructGPT: Features, Use Cases

InstructGPT, a product of Open AI, a powerful AI-based language model. Acting now as the default GPT-3 language model on Open AI APIs, InstructGPT is designed to deliver improved performance in comparison to the existing range of GPT-3 models. It is known for generating superior factual responses while steering clear of irrelevant or toxic conversations. As a result, it enjoys a preferential place among users, providing results that are more accurate and involve lesser instances of hallucination.

How does InstructGPT: Features, Use Cases work

Based on the Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) method. InstructGPT operates using 1.3 billion parameters, significantly lesser than other GPT-3 models, which function on 175 billion parameters. This setting enhances its prowess in understanding and following English commands accurately, thus making it a highly effective tool for responding to human queries.

InstructGPT: Features, Use Cases Features

  • Excellent understanding and delivery of English commands
  • Safer and more practical approach to respond to human queries.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Trained with 1.3 billion parameters.
  • Capable of identifying objects in images and generate sentences describing them using natural language processing.

InstructGPT: Features, Use Cases Pricing

To avail the benefits of InstructGPT, users are required to buy Open AI tokens. The price of these tokens is dependent on the number of tokens bought, with every 1000 tokens costing $0.0200.

How to Use InstructGPT: Features, Use Cases

InstructGPT can be used to serve a wide array of purposes. From automating robotic tasks and explaining complex topics to students, to developing or debugging codes, and integrating with chatbots or virtual assistants, InstructGPT can perform it all. It can translate content from one language into another, generate content for blogs, scripts, videos, and produce images.


InstructGPT represents an improved version of GPT-3 language models. With lesser errors and more accurate information, it provides a far better alternative to chatbots. Despite being solely available on Open AI API, its incredible performance, reduced toxic content, and enhanced image generation based on prompts, make it worth exploring.


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