What is Humata AI – How to Use, Price and Alternatives & How it Works

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Official Website https://www.humata.ai/
Company Name Humata AI
Category AI-powered platform
Launch Date N/A

About Humata AI

Humata AI is a versatile AI-driven platform that leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to execute multiple tasks, including summarization, Q&A, and Secure files. It’s like having a ChatGPT for all your files. This platform utilizes top-tier AI to convert complex, long papers into concise, intelligible summaries.

Key Features of Humata AI

  • Auto Generation: Humata AI can craft papers and theories, based on the provided data autonomously.
  • Supports multiple file formats: Humata AI operates with multiple types of files, thus offering flexibility in generating documents and files in different formats.
  • Automatic language detection: Humata AI is capable of identifying the language of the input document.
  • Question and Answering: With an understanding of natural language processing, Humata AI can provide accurate responses to complex queries.

How does Humata AI Work?

Humata AI synthesizes results based on natural language commands, which allows it to produce detailed papers and in-depth reports. With a rapid 10x speed, Humata AI can provide users with an AI-generated document instantly.

Pricing of Humata AI

Humata AI provides a free plan permitting a limit of 60 pages. For unlimited access, users need to upgrade to a premium subscription:

Student $1.99/month
Expert $9.99/month
Team $99/user/month

How to Use Humata AI

  • Navigate to the official site of Humata AI, then click “Sign Up”.

  • Enter your business or personal email address, along with your password, to register your account.

  • Once the account is verified, you can begin utilizing Humata AI for your needs.


In a nutshell, Humata AI is a versatile, AI-driven platform that can significantly streamline the organization and utilization of your data. Despite whether you are a student, researcher, or business professional, Humata AI could be the answer to your data organization needs.


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