What is Harvey AI & How it Works


A Close Look at Harvey AI

An AI-powered platform, Harvey AI, is designed to assist legal professionals globally. This revolutionary tool, backed by Open AI and Sequoia, is on a quest to transform the way law firms operate. Currently in beta mode, the platform is only accessible via a waitlist.

Official Website www.harvey.ai
Company Name Harvey AI
Launch Date 2022
Category Productivity tools

What is Harvey AI?

Harvey AI revolutionizes the legal industry by leveraging Legal Language Models (LLMs) to execute difficult tasks associated with law firms. It allows lawyers to dissect complicated cases efficiently and accurately, interpreting content in simplified English, eliminating the need for specialized tools.

How does Harvey AI work?

The functionality of Harvey AI lends itself to integration into existing law firm infrastructures, which helps streamline their operations. It’s a generative AI tool, which means it can be modified based on the specific requirements of a law firm.

Harvey AI Features

  • Trained on copious legal data to provide precise responses.
  • Utilizes Open AI’s GPT language model to understand and interpret legal operations.
  • Ability to analyse contracts, generate insights, and provide recommendations.
  • Capable of conducting legal research and analyzing data to find relevant cases.
  • Helps prevent errors by reviewing contracts and suggesting improvements.
  • Eases mundane tasks, providing more time for important operations.

Harvey AI Pricing

Available in beta, the use of Harvey AI is possible only through application via a waitlist. Since it is not yet fully released, the pricing information is not yet published. The details are expected to be disclosed once the tool is launched publicly.

How to Use Harvey AI

While Harvey AI is tailor-made to ease the operations of legal professionals, it is important to know that accessing the tool requires you to be in the legal field. The legitimacy of this information will be verified during waitlist applications. Upon selection of your firm, a free demo can be scheduled to understand the functionalities of Harvey AI.


In conclusion, Harvey AI is an innovative tool providing law firms an opportunity to automate and accelerate their operations. The public release of the tool is awaited, but early access is possible by joining the waitlist.

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