What is GitMind: free AI-powered mind mapping & brainstorming app & How it Works

The Power of Organizing Your Ideas with GitMind AI

Embrace the potential of your concepts by utilizing GitMind AI, a free and collaborative tool designed to convert your thoughts into structured mind maps. What sets GitMind AI apart? It’s force is powered by artificial intelligence, making brainstorming and mind mapping a piece of cake.

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Company Name Wangxu Technology Co., Ltd
Launch Date 2021
Category Mind Mapping and Collaboration Tools

What is GitMind: free AI-powered mind mapping & brainstorming app?

Gone are the days when ideas bounced around in your head with no destination. With GitMind, your thoughts can be brilliantly penned down and structured into a form that makes sense. The platform is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface which allows easy navigation for all age groups.

GitMind allows you to express your visions and concepts via mind maps and then share them with your team or friends. All thanks to cloud storage, accessing your mind maps from anywhere, anytime is not an issue. The app provides several pre-made templates and allows customization making it ideal for whipping up mind maps in an instant. Furthermore, GitMind helps you prepare flowcharts, UML diagrams, and organizational charts.

How does GitMind: free AI-powered mind mapping & brainstorming app work?

With one million downloads and counting, GitMind AI has earned its spot as one of the go-to AI-based mind mapping tools. Its feature set includes:

  • Creation of mind maps from your queries.
  • Node addition for images, comments, and elements.
  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Availability of several ready-to-use templates and themes.
  • Sync option across multiple devices.
  • Option to share and save the mind maps created.
  • Import and edit mind maps in GitMind.
  • In-app interactive AI chatbot to enhance users’ experience.

GitMind: free AI-powered mind mapping & brainstorming app Features

GitMind proves advantageous for both personal and commercial uses. Here are some ways this mind-mapping tool can be put to use:

  • Students can leverage GitMind to map their ideas, draw diagrams, or summarize concepts.
  • Teachers can plan lessons and teachings using GitMind.
  • Writers can strategize their content, write outlines, and summarize or paraphrase using GitMind.
  • Marketers can plan and implement marketing campaigns with GitMind.
  • Project managers can manage, track performance and identify weak spots using GitMind.
  • GitMind can be used in workplaces to collaborate, share ideas and work on a project with colleagues.

GitMind: free AI-powered mind mapping & brainstorming app Pricing

GitMind AI provides the liberty to create up to 10 mind maps for free. However, it offers three premium plans for users wanting to make more than 10 mind maps:

  1. Monthly plan available at $9 offering unlimited mind maps.
  2. Annual plan available at $4.08 per month (billed annually) offering unlimited mind maps.
  3. 3 annual plan costing $1.1 per month (billed triennially) offering unlimited mind maps.


GitMind is the answer for those in search of reliable collaboration and mind-mapping tools. Even though it offers numerous features for free, users can benefit from more advanced features by opting for a paid plan. It suits both small and large businesses, freelancers, content creators, and individuals looking for a comprehensive tool to organize their ideas.

Its array of customizable templates makes creating mind maps, UML diagrams, organizational charts, and flowcharts a breeze. Furthermore, the AI chatbot adds an interactive and fun aspect to the platform. With the GitMind app, you can engage in brainstorming and mind mapping from your mobile device or try the online version for the same experience.

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