What is Getimg AI – How to Use, Price and Alternatives & How it Works

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A Comprehensive Overview of Getimg AI

Unleashing the power of AI, Getimg AI is a cutting-edge platform enabling the generation of captivating and high-resolution images merely from text prompts and images. The ingenuity of Getimg AI transcends the realm of creativity, allowing you to conceptualize and translate your imagination into unique AI artwork.

The Functioning of Getimg AI

At the heart of Getimg AI, an impressive toolset allows the seamless creation, modification, and amplification of images at scale. The advanced features let users infuse their creativity by not just adding text prompts but also uploading reference images to aid the tool in shaping their imagined AI artwork.

The diverse catalog of 60+ community-trained models adds an extra layer of personalization, enabling users to imprint their unique style onto the AI generated images. From creating AI Art, Headshots, Anime Art, Blog images, AI Avatars, Getimg AI caters to a multitude of creative requirements.

Key Features of Getimg AI

  1. Expansive Image Border
  2. Equipped with a border-expansion feature, Getimg AI promotes the creation of images beyond their original size.

  3. Wide Range of AI Models
  4. With access to an expansive variety of AI models like Realistic Vision v3, DreamShaper v7, OpenJourney v4, customization possibilities are limitless.

  5. Prolific Image Editing Tools
  6. With the incorporation of advanced AI image editing tools, Getimg AI enables users to effortlessly modify images.

  7. User-friendly UI
  8. The intuitive user interface ensures smooth operation irrespective of the user’s expertise level.

Pricing Structure of Getimg AI

Basic Plan Starter Plan Hobby Plan Professional Plan
$12 $29 $49 $99

Method to Use Getimg AI

To create ravishing AI images for social media handles or persuasive logos and designs for brand promotion, simply input the text prompts reflecting your imagination, and Getimg AI will generate the image within moments. The tool is designed to facilitate the generation of impeccable website designs by expanding images and portraits beyond their original borders.


As an all-in-one platform for creative image generation, Getimg AI blends the power of AI with human creativity, offering a fantastical spectrum of options for digital artists, graphic designers, content creators, and others. With a myriad of features and simple interface, Getimg AI is undoubtedly a premier choice for turning imaginative creatives into captivating AI artwork.


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