What is Engage AI & How it Works

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Company Name Engage AI
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Category Artificial Intelligence

What is Engage AI?

Engage AI is a groundbreaking tool that utilises artificial intelligence to help you build and nurture relationships on LinkedIn. It crafts creative and engaging comments to draw in prospects and increase conversions. The application alleviates the time-consuming effort of prospecting and engaging with clients on LinkedIn.

How does Engage AI work?

The operation of Engage AI is simple yet effective. First, the user provides the LinkedIn post URL. Engage AI then formulates a tailored comment before posting it upon user approval. The intelligent feature of adaptability allows the tool to mimic the tone of the brand, thus delivering personalised comments every time. Engage AI can be utilised through its mobile applications or as an extension on Google Chrome.

Engage AI Features

Nurturing your LinkedIn audience becomes a breeze with Engage AI’s numerous features at your disposal. A few perks of using Engage AI include:

  • Select your intended contacts by incorporating their LinkedIn profile URLs.
  • The tool is integrable with several apps like Zapier, PipeDrive, Zoho, HootSuite, etc.
  • Supported across a range of platforms, including Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Android, iOS, and Microsoft.
  • Keep prospects and leads organised in one place.
  • Monitor post engagements and schedule responses for maximum reach.

Engage AI Pricing

Engage AI offers various subscription plans to cater to the unique needs of users. The available subscription options are as follows:

  • Tech-savvy: $0 for ChatGPT or pay-as-you-go for Open AI API.
  • Business-savvy: $30 monthly, includes unlimited comment generation, CRM integration, etc.
  • Executive Suite: $1,299 per month, covering unlimited comment generation, help with LinkedIn prospect outreach, and more.

How to Use Engage AI

Engage AI is designed to facilitate businesses of every level. It’s noted for these real-world applications:

  • Formulating engaging comments, thus optimising LinkedIn prospect discovery.
  • Fostering relationships with your LinkedIn audience, which translates into a strengthened business network.
  • Entrepreneurs utilising the tool to create a network of acquaintances.


Engage AI emerges as a vital tool for individuals and businesses of various sizes. It caters to nurturing your LinkedIn audience and expediting lead generation. With its unparalleled service in crafting posts and fostering client relationships on LinkedIn, Engage AI has set itself apart as a frontrunner.

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