What is Durable AI Website Builder & How it Works

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Official Website https://durable.co/
Company Name Durable AI
Launch Date N/A
Category AI Website Building Tools

What is Durable AI Website Builder?

Building a website from scratch has always been a time-consuming process, often involving hours of coding, designing, and testing. But now, with Durable AI Website Builder, the creation of a fully-functional website can be achieved in as fast as 30 seconds. The platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to generate a website by simply asking for your business information, products, location, and contact details.

How does Durable AI Website Builder work?

The working of Durable AI can be best described as the future of website development and designing. It offers a plethora of editing tools to aid you in customizing the website as per your preference. The platform even comes equipped with an AI copywriter that takes care of the copywriting needs, ensuring your website content is engaging and SEO-optimized. Apart from textual content, Durable AI also helps in adding images and other visual elements for enhanced appeal.

Durable AI Website Builder Features

Amongst the several features offered by Durable AI, some noteworthy ones include seamless creation of websites without any need for coding, SEO-optimized content, image curation, and inclusion of contact forms for effective lead generation. Along with website building features, Durable AI also offers invoicing and marketing tools all under one platform. Additionally, it provides real-time analytics to monitor website performance, integrates with payment setup, and offers hosting and domain services. Durable AI also excels in creating written copies for Google Ads and other advertising platforms.

Durable AI Website Builder Pricing

Durable AI provides a 90-day free trial for you to explore and understand its various functionalities. Post the free trial period, you can opt for one of their premium plans, the Starter ($12 per month, billed annually) and Business ($20 per month, billed annually). The Starter plan provides unlimited storage and email support along with 50 contacts and AI-generated promotions while the latter offers unlimited resources for all the Starter plan features. An added advantage is the 30-day moneyback guarantee on both plans, along with the provision of anytime cancellation. For your convenience

How to Use Durable AI Website Builder

The revolutionary Durable AI tool can be used by any business, irrespective of its size. Marketers can employ the AI copywriting service to craft powerful copies that promote products and services effectively. Freelancers will find the builder useful for creating attractive websites for their clients. Even professionals who need to track website performance, manage their clients, and market their products/services will benefit from this user-friendly tool. While Durable AI is not specifically designed for e-commerce stores, it still provides features that allow for product selling on the websites.


In conclusion, Durable AI Website Builder is a great tool for business owners and entrepreneurs willing to create a strong online presence with their own website in less than a minute. Its ability to customize your website, while also offering features like managing, marketing, and copywriting is simply impressive. Especially for those without any coding experience, this AI-powered website builder can be an excellent choice to create top-notch websites that can make a strong online impact.

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