What is Durable AI – Price, Alternatives, How to Use & How it Works

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# What is Durable AI?

Starting off, [Durable AI](https://durable.co/ai-website-builder) is a revolutionary website-building platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create stunning websites in just 30 seconds. This AI-powered website builder can swiftly produce an effective and engaging website for your business with just a few simple clicks.

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# How does Durable AI work?

Durable AI operates by using artificial intelligence (AI) to swiftly create a ready-to-go website based on user-provided information like business name, industry, location, and language. All one has to do is input these details and Durable AI will generate a stunning, modern website in a matter of seconds.

No coding knowledge is required and this makes Durable AI a convenient tool for those who are not tech-savvy but are looking to build an online presence for their business. Users are also free to further customize the website generated by AI, adding a personal touch and unique identity to their online platform.

# Durable AI Key Features

1. Various Image and Icon options: Durable AI extends access to millions of professional photos and icons, allowing users to create visually appealing websites.

2. Built-in SEO: With Durable AI, gaining online traffic is made easier with its built-in SEO feature which automatically generates SEO-friendly pages and website content.

3. Excellent Security: Durable AI ensures high-level security for every site created by offering powerful DDOS protection, firewall, SSL, and global CDN.

# Durable AI Pricing

Durable AI provides a free plan for individuals or aspiring entrepreneurs that offers limited features. It also offers a premium plan which includes additional features such as a custom domain, priority email support, premium stock images, and more.

The pricing for Durable AI premium plans are as follows:

Startup Plan Business Plan
$12/month $20/month

# How to Use Durable AI

Using Durable AI is quite simple. Below are the steps on how to create a website using Durable AI:

1. Log onto the Durable AI’s official website.
2. Click on the “Sign In” option.
3. You can either sign in directly with Google or enter your email and password separately and click on “Sign Up”.
4. Once your Durable AI account is created, click on “Create new business”.
5. Provide your business name, industry, location, and language.
6. Click on “Create Business”.
7. Within a few seconds, Durable AI will process your information and generate a website.
8. Edit the website according to your preference and click “Publish”.

# Conclusion

In conclusion, Durable AI is a truly unique and efficient tool not only for building websites but also for maintaining and managing their performance. With its broad range of features such as millions of images and icon options, built-in SEO, and excellent security measures, Durable AI democratizes website building and makes it accessible for everyone irrespective of their technical knowledge or skills.

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