What is Deepswap AI & How it Works


About Deepswap AI

Official Website Deepswap AI
Company Name Deepswap.ai
Launch Date 2020
Category Image Generation Tools

What is Deepswap AI?

Enriched with over 150 million active users, Deepswap emerges as one of the leading AI-driven face-swapping tools on the web. This innovative tool caters to users with the unique feature of developing face-swap content in mere seconds. The user-friendly interface coupled with incredible features set it apart from other deepfake AI tools in the market.

How does Deepswap AI work?

The working mechanism of Deepswap involves requiring a two-minute video from the user. Upon obtaining the input, the tool instantly modifies the faces in the video, creating a seamless deepfake video for entertainment or other purposes.

Deepswap AI Features

Deepswap AI serves its broad user base with a host of distinctive features. These include deepswap videos, an AI-photo generator, unlimited video creation, a database of 50 million faces, face modifications on memes, high-quality content without watermarks, and a credit-based usage system.

Deepswap AI Pricing

Deepswap offers its service under two distinct pricing brackets, the non-premium and the premium model. The non-premium, or free model, curtails users to only two free swaps and contains watermarks on the content created. In contrast, the premium model provides users an unlimited number of face swaps, no watermark, the ability to upload up to 10 minutes of video, 20 free credits, and priority in processing.

How to Use Deepswap AI

After registering for a new account using an email address, Facebook, or Google, users can access Deepswap AI easily and start creating deepfake videos for varied purposes.


Deepswap AI is the one-stop-shop for those looking to develop creative deep fake content. Whether you plan to deceive your friends with a viral meme, engage your social media followers with fascinating content, or even use it for your business, the results from Deepswap are sure to leave you amazed.


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