What is Copy AI & How it Works

For businesses, marketers, copywriters and bloggers, sourcing high-quality content in minimal time can be a significant challenge. Copy.ai, a revolutionary content writing and copywriting tool, offers a ground-breaking solution for content creation using advanced GPT-3 models. With the capability to deliver high-conversion, original written content swiftly, it supports simplifying content production and supercharging sales efforts. This article will delve into the key features, applications, and pricing of Copy.ai to max out your copywriting game.

Official Website Company Name Category Launch Date
https://www.copy.ai/ Copy.ai Automated Copywriting Service Oct 2020

About Copy.ai

Copy.ai is an AI-driven copywriting tool that harnesses the processing power of the latest GPT-3 model. It aims to generate authentic, human-like written content focused on diverse customer segments’ needs and pain points. Unlike traditional copywriting methods, Copy.ai accomplishes high-tier content production in a matter of minutes, allowing users more time to refine and customize the final output.

How does Copy.ai work?

Copy.ai’s user-friendly interface ensures an effortless approach towards content creation. The tool offers a selection of content types for users to choose from, following which users can input associated descriptions and keywords. Copy.ai then generates a multitude of results based on the input, from which users can select, edit and refine to produce the final copy.

Copy.ai Features

Copy.ai boasts a collection of over 90 innovative templates and tools designed to fast-track any copywriting job. It enables the generation of SEO-optimized blog posts, tailored sales copy, digital ad scripts, social media content and e-commerce product descriptions. The tool also supports direct pasting of the final copy to your chosen publishing platform. Promising unprecedented language support, Copy.ai can deliver content in more than 29 languages, making it an ideal tool for global operation.

Copy.ai Pricing

For beginners, Copy.ai extends a free plan restricting usage to 2000 words per month. However, the platform also offers two premium plans – a professional plan for $36 per month and an enterprise plan targeted at larger teams. The professional plan provides access to a comprehensive set of features, including the AI chat by Copy.ai, limitless word count, unfettered project creation, support for 29+ languages, and much more. The enterprise plan, besides these features, also offers customizable usage options, workflow automation, and an included SOC 2 security feature.

How to Use Copy.ai

Copy.ai is designed for a broad user base, including businesses, email marketers, bloggers, and social media creators. It can be used to produce targeted sales copy, email content, blog articles and social media posts swiftly. Its chatbot is capable of providing prebuilt prompts for market research and mining data for Youtube videos. Additionally, it can assist in generating leads on LinkedIn.


Copy.ai is a potent tool that can revolutionize content creation, making it a precious asset for teams, professionals, and businesses worldwide. It is continually updated to incorporate new features and content types, making it an ideal choice for any content-related requirements. By offering a budget-friendly, efficient tool that reduces the time and effort spent on content creation, Copy.ai provides an opportunity to focus more on business growth. Begin your journey with their free plan today!

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