What is CodeGPT & How it Works

Enhance your coding abilities with CodeGPT, a VS Code Extension that employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The extension features an integrated AI that simplifies the code written in your editor, making it convenient for developers to create efficient programs swiftly.

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What is CodeGPT?

CodeGPT is a versatile tool catering to developers seeking improvement in their coding skills by incorporating AI functionality. It simplifies and explains the commands and functions in your code, helping users identify problem areas and accelerate their coding process. Moreover, developers can select their preferred AI platform and connect the corresponding API key to begin using CodeGPT.

How does CodeGPT work?

CodeGPT employs several AI providers to offer users a comprehensive, AI-based coding experience. It uses the sophisticated GPT-3 technology to interact with the platform and train developers’ AI agents. This multilingual tool supports 16 languages, enabling it to identify, explain, and modify codes. CodeGPT also provides detailed documentation and StackOverflow support to facilitate efficient code generation.

CodeGPT Features

  • Incorporates GPT-4 for platform interaction
  • Facilitates training of individual AI agents
  • Offers a variety of AI providers such as OpenAI, Cohere, AI21, Anthropic, GPT4All, and HuggingFace
  • Supports 16 languages
  • Identifies and explains codes, and offers modification capabilities
  • Provides detailed documentation and StackOverflow support
  • Generates efficient codes swiftly, saving time

CodeGPT Pricing

The CodeGPT is accessible to all users for free, offering various AI providers and limited features. For enhanced functionalities, users can opt for their paid plans which are detailed as follows:

  • The Plus Plan costs $9.99 per user per month. It includes all the free plan features, along with access to GPT-4 and new features on a priority basis.
  • The Premium Plan comes at a cost of $14.99 per user per month. It includes all features of the Plus plan, and a 24×7 connection to AI agents.

How to Use CodeGPT?

As an AI-powered coding assistant, CodeGPT can be harnessed by programmers to write and edit programs. It is particularly useful while scripting codes, finding errors, and offering improvement suggestions. Students can also leverage it for programming learning and enhancement.


CodeGPT emerges as an indispensable tool for all programmers and individuals keen on learning programming. It simplifies the process of understanding, editing, and improving codes, effectively serving as your AI assistant. Its multi-provider feature enables optimal suggestions tailored to individual requirements. Start using CodeGPT for free or opt for their paid plans according to your usage and needs.

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