What is Blackbox AI & How it Works

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Official Website https://www.useblackbox.io/
Company Name Cours Connecte, inc.
Category Code generation tools
Launch Date 2020

What is Blackbox AI?

Blackbox AI is a unique AI-based coding assistance tool that empowers developers with the ability to expedite their coding process. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Blackbox AI assists in autocompleting programs, facilitating efficient and swift coding even with a not-so-fast internet connection.

How does Blackbox AI work?

Blackbox AI employs a feature-rich interface that operates with low-speed internet, providing an uninterrupted coding experience. The tool is capable of writing computer programs for software creation at a rapid pace. Furthermore, Blackbox AI’s ability to work in coordination with various Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and its availability as a Chrome extension enhances its user-friendliness and utility.

Blackbox AI Features

With Blackbox AI, developers have access to a swath of beneficial features that enable quicker and more efficient coding:

  • Supports diverse programming languages including JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, C, C++, PHP, SQL, R, Swift, etc.
  • Facilitates editing, debugging, and autocompleting codes.
  • Allows code extraction from images, videos, or PDFs.
  • Offers a simplistic interface that’s easy to navigate.
  • Compatible with any web browser or IDE.

Blackbox AI Pricing

Blackbox AI’s pricing model features two plans with a free trial for potential customers to explore the platform before signing up. The plans are:

  • Good developer plan at $0.58 per week, offering 1000 code searches per month; support for 200+ languages; 1000 code autocompletes per month.
  • Awesome developer plan at $0.96 per week, offering unlimited code search per month; support for 200+ languages; unlimited code autocompletes per month.

How to Use Blackbox AI

Start by installing the Blackbox AI’s Chrome extension on your device. Integrate the extension into your web browser or any editor with just a few steps. Create a Blackbox account post extension installation to start using the tool.


Blackbox AI is an essential AI tool for developers. It significantly enhances the programming speed of developers and enables them to create software faster. Moreover, it allows businesses to save both time and cost by enabling the production of robust and efficient software within shorter time frames.


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