What is Beautiful AI & How it Works

Galvanize your presentations using the advanced technology of AI with Beautiful AI. This transformative tool aids in the creation of impressively enticing visual presentations in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

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What is Beautiful AI?

Beautiful AI is a groundbreaking and AI-driven tool that grants you the ability to produce eye-catching presentations swiftly. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional or student, this tool comes in handy when making compelling presentations. Beautiful AI equips you with over 70 customizable templates, allowing you to work at an accelerated pace. Moreover, the tool learns and adopts your preferred design and style based on the content you incorporate, ensuring aptly stylized presentations each time.

How does Beautiful AI work?

Beautiful AI’s state-of-the-art mechanism operates under expert design and editing ideologies, ensuring premium aesthetics in all your presentations. To suit your individual presentation styles, it presents a vast range of editing and customization options, allowing you to produce a great slide show in record time. Beautiful AI also gives an array of export options for easy and fast sharing.

Beautiful AI Features

Beautiful AI is no ordinary presentation tool. Its innovative and user-friendly features hasten your presentation-making process. This includes:

  • A clear and accessible user interface that allows seamless creation of presentations.
  • Edit access views between public and private domains
  • An array of customizable templates at your disposal
  • Export presentations in multiple formats including PDF and Powerpoint
  • In-built features to collaborate with team members and clients
  • Easy alteration of all elements within the presentation: fonts, background color, content and more.

Beautiful AI Pricing

Beautiful AI provides a flexible pricing structure designed to cater to different user requirements. Here are the available pricing plans:

  • Pro – $12 per month billed annually. For solo users, it offers unlimited slides, import/export powerpoint and AI-based content creation.
  • Team – $40 per user per month billed annually. This plan comes with a host of benefits including unlimited slides, import/export powerpoint, AI-based content creation and a custom template library.
  • Enterprise – You can contact the sales department directly for personalized pricing solutions for your company.

Additionally, Beautiful AI offers a free trial for 14 days to let users explore the platform at no additional cost.

How to Use Beautiful AI

Beautiful AI serves a variety of purposes across different spheres. Here are some of the ways you can use it:

  • Office presentations: Professionals can use Beautiful AI for work presentations in office gatherings and meetings.
  • Academic Presentations: Students can utilize Beautiful AI to present their academic projects or research work in a polished manner.
  • Educational tool for tutors: Tutors can make lessons more engaging for students by showcasing course content through Beautiful AI presentations.


To sum it up, Beautiful AI is a next-generation presentation tool that fills the gap in presentation creation. It effortlessly blends AI technology and eye-catching templates to create beautiful, impactful presentations in record time. Whether you are a professional, student or an entrepreneur, Beautiful AI is a game-changer in creating powerful visual stories.

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