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What is Web Analyst GPT

Web Analyst GPT is a platform that offers valuable insights and tips for improving e-commerce and corporate websites. It provides simple and clear guidance on web design, SEO optimization, content upgrades, and user experience analysis. Developed by Pizzichini Fabien, this tool is a valuable resource for enhancing online business performance.

How does Web Analyst GPT work

Web Analyst GPT leverages the power of artificial intelligence to analyze websites and provide actionable recommendations for improvement. By analyzing various aspects like design, SEO, and user experience, this tool identifies areas that can be optimized. It then generates personalized suggestions and advice to help businesses enhance their online presence and drive better results.

Capabilities, Features and Functions

Capability/Feature/Function Description
Design Improvement Tips Web Analyst GPT offers practical suggestions to enhance the design of e-commerce and corporate websites. It provides insights on layout, color schemes, typography, and overall visual appeal.
SEO Optimization This tool helps businesses boost their corporate website’s SEO performance. It provides guidance on keyword research, meta tags, on-page optimization, backlink strategies, and other SEO best practices.
Content Upgrades Web Analyst GPT suggests content upgrades for corporate websites. It identifies opportunities to improve existing content or create new pieces that can generate more engagement, conversions, and overall effectiveness.
User Experience Analysis This tool performs in-depth analysis of e-commerce websites’ user experience. It evaluates factors like navigation, site speed, mobile-friendliness, and overall usability, providing insights on how to enhance the overall user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

GPT Prompt Examples/Starters

  • What can improve my e-commerce site’s design?
  • How to boost my corporate website’s SEO?
  • Suggest content upgrades for my corporate site.
  • Analyze my e-commerce site’s user experience.

How to Use GPT (ChatGPT Link/GPT Store Link)

To start using Web Analyst GPT, visit the GPT Store link below:

Start using Web Analyst GPT on ChatGPT >>

This link will redirect you to the ChatGPT platform, where you can interact with Web Analyst GPT and leverage its capabilities to improve your website. Simply follow the instructions provided on the platform to get started.


Web Analyst GPT is an invaluable resource for businesses looking to optimize their e-commerce and corporate websites. By using this platform, you can enhance your website’s design, boost SEO performance, implement content upgrades, and analyze user experience. Take advantage of Web Analyst GPT’s capabilities to maximize your online presence and drive better results for your business.

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