How to Use AI to Remove Your Intimate Images online

Are you living under the fear of someone disseminating your intimate visual content without your consent online? Or perhaps you are already victimized by such an incident? You’re not alone. The non-consensual spread of intimate images (NCII), also recognized as ‘revenge porn’ or ‘image-based sexual abuse,’ is a severe and exponentially growing global issue. The good news: there’s a powerful tool named armed with artificial intelligence (AI) to give you control over your intimate photos, aiming to prevent them from unconsented distribution on the internet. This article will discuss in-depth what is, how it functions, and how it can benefit you.

Understanding and its Significance is an invaluable, free tool devised to assist victims of non-consensual intimate image (NCII) abuse, alias revenge porn. Non-consensual porn entails disseminating your intimate pictures or videos in absence of your permission, primarily intending to harm or extort you. The critical importance of this tool is its empowering feature that allows you to act before your intimate images get shared online without your consent, or remove them if they have already been shared.

At the same time, helps curb the further spread and damage of your images while simultaneously diminishing the demand and supply of NCII abuse. Central to this tool is the principle of consent, affirming your rights to decide who gets to see and share your intimate images, and that no one can infringe on these rights without your permission.

Functionality of

The mechanism of this tool involves creation of a hash from your intimate image(s)/video(s). To simplify, a hash is a unique code acting as an identifier for an image or a video, akin to a fingerprint. Importantly, only the hash file is shared with and the companies participating, and not the actual image or video. Hence, your content stays safe on your device without being uploaded or stored on the website.

The subsequent step includes sharing the hash with the participating companies so they can take action in detecting and removing the images from online platforms. Additionally, the tool routinely searches for matches to the hash on the participating portals, notifying you if any are found.


Utilizing is straightforward. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use this tool:

  1. Visit the official website of and thoroughly understand the information and instructions provided. Do ensure you fulfill the criteria for using the tool, such as you being the person in the image, of 18 years or more, and having the image or video on your device.
  2. Select any intimate image(s) or video(s) from your device that you wish to remove from the internet.
  3. Stopncii

  4. will create a digital fingerprint of the image(s)/video(s) placed on your device, without uploading the content. This unique fingerprint, known as a hash, is endemic to your image(s)/video(s).
  5. If your case registration is successful, a case number and a PIN will be sent to you for checking your case status. Please do remember these details as they can’t be recovered.
  6. Afterward, the hash will be dispatched to the cooperating companies such as social media platforms. These companies will commence searching for hash matches and eliminate any matches from their systems if found violating their intimate image abuse policy.
  7. Periodically, will continue searching for hash matches on the partner websites and update that in your case status. You also have the privilege of withdrawing your case anytime.

Advantages of

The program has multiple rewards for victims of NCII abuse as well as society in general. Some of these benefits include:

  • Free and user-friendly tool without the need to upload your content.
  • Control over your intimate images and videos, preventing their unauthorized online sharing.
  • Protects your privacy, dignity, reputation, and safety from NCII abuse impacts including blackmail, bullying, discrimination, and trauma.
  • Reduces damage and exposure of your images and videos to you and others (family, friends, colleagues, possible employers).
  • Operated by a trusted charity that aids victims of non-consensual intimate image abuse.

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