Shutterstock AI: How to Create Stunning Images with Text Prompts

Unleash The Power Of Visual Storytelling With Shutterstock AI

Imagine artistry and eloquence meeting in the middle to create breathtaking visuals. No design skills, no software – just your words, your imagination, and Shutterstock AI. This innovative tool uses artificial intelligence to birth stunning images from text prompts. But Shutterstock AI brings more to the table – it’s a functional solution that streamlines your image creation process.

Shutterstock’s AI Image Generator: The Art Of Translating Words Into Visuals

With Shutterstock’s AI Image Generator, you enjoy the freedom to create unique, high-grade visuals by leveraging the might of artificial intelligence. This tool transforms your text into a choice of four different images, allowing you to select one that best fits your project’s aesthetic. Plus, it opens up an array of visual styles like cartoon, oil painting, neon, and 3D.

Besides these exciting features, the Generator compensates the creators involved in the generative process, emphasizing its commitment to secure, ethical, and inclusive practices. You can access this powerful tool under the Generate menu on Shutterstock’s website.

A Step-By Step Guide On Using Shutterstock AI

To create engaging visuals on Shutterstock AI, follow these simple steps:

  1. Describe your desired image: State in clear detail what you expect the AI to generate.
  2. Choose a visual style: You can select from a range of styles, such as cartoon, oil painting, neon, and 3D to lend a unique edge to your creations.
  3. Personalize your image: Adjust your image’s perspective, tweak the text, or experiment with various styles to achieve the look you desire.
  4. Edit your AI-generated image: Modify the perspective, alter the text, or choose different style variations until you are satisfied with the final image.
  5. Download your image: Once you are satisfied with the created image, you can download it. Licensing is available to ensure safe use for your projects.

Understanding The Pricing Of Shutterstock AI

Shutterstock AI is accessible for different project requirements as long as the images created are duly licensed. Key points about Shutterstock AI pricing include:

  • One credit is charged for each AI-generated image for users with active plans, regardless of the license type.
  • Various plans and credit packages are available, catering to different user needs and budget.
  • A 15% discount on all Shutterstock plans is available via a coupon code, offering savings for businesses and individuals.

An Overview Of Shutterstock AI Features

Here are some innovative offerings by Shutterstock AI that a user can explore:

Magic Brush:
Alter an image by describing what you want to add, replace or erase, and brush over it.
AI Image Generator:
Create an image from any textual description that you have in mind.
Expand Image:
Widen the view of any image to capture more of the scene behind it.
Generate alternate versions of any stock or AI-generated image.
Design Assistant:
Receive guidance and inspiration to turn your ideas into images.

Optimal Image Creation With Shutterstock AI

For creating visually appealing images with Shutterstock AI, consider these following tips:

  • Use specific language for better AI comprehension.
  • Play around with different angles, colors, and styles for varied results.
  • Be mindful of ethical considerations related to AI-generated art.
  • Enjoy the process and let your imagination run wild with AI’s power!

Shutterstock AI: Frequently Addressed Queries

How Does Shutterstock AI Enhance Creativity?
Shutterstock AI serves various purposes, such as blogs, websites, personal and professional projects, education, and entertainment, thus heightening creativity across domains.
Are There Any Limitations Or Challenges When Using Shutterstock AI?
Shutterstock AI, despite being innovative, has limitations as it might not always produce desired, original, or ethical images. Necessary adjustments and verifications are needed for accuracy, uniqueness, and compliance with ethical standards, including dealing with potential issues like privacy and trademarks.
Why Are Shutterstock Images Expensive?
Shutterstock’s content is sold by photographers and artists who contribute their work. Creative professionals purchase these works for incorporation into their projects. While free images are available, premium quality content carries a cost.

Wrapping Up

Shutterstock AI is a unique tool that goes beyond mere image creation. Its ability to create high-quality, unique, and personalized images makes it a valuable player in marketing, education, entertainment, and personal use. By using Shutterstock AI, you can bypass the hassles of searching, downloading or editing stock photos, saving precious time and resources! With the right approach, Shutterstock AI can help you create elegantly detailed and diverse visuals that empower your narrative.

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