Samsung’s Galaxy AI Can Translate Phone Calls in real time: Here’s How It Works

Communication works as the vital thread in the fabric of human interaction. Nevertheless, articulating thoughts and ideas across languages can often seem like a mountain to climb. But worry no more, as the era of rapid technological advancements is here, granting wings to our desires to communicate freely, regardless of linguistic and cultural differences. The torchbearer in this revolution is Samsung’s Galaxy AI, an innovative artificial intelligence technology that promises to unlock the power of real-time call translations on its forthcoming Galaxy smartphones. Let’s dive into learning more about Galaxy AI, its features, and what it holds for the future of portable communication technology.

Galaxy AI Unveiled

The buzz in the air, Galaxy AI, is Samsung’s latest unveiling in its sprint towards bringing Artificial Intelligence magic to its forthcoming Galaxy phones. Designed to redefine the user’s mobile engagement, Galaxy AI comes packed with groundbreaking features. Some of these include real-time call translations, elimination of communication barriers, seamless productivity, and unhindered creativity. Galaxy AI marries the power of both on-device and cloud-based AI processing, keeping strict adherence to high-end security and individual privacy.

Translating Phone Calls in Real Time: Galaxy AI to the Rescue

Among the basket of features, the most striking one in the Galaxy AI ecosystem is the advent of “AI Live Translate Call.” This feature, a quintessential part of Samsung’s native phone app, aims to make language barriers a tale of yesteryears. It paves the way for real-time translation of both audio and text during live calls, bridging the gap between individuals who speak different languages. Picture conversing with someone hailing from a different linguistic background. With AI Live Translate Call, real-time translation happens as you carry forward with the talk, the translated text appearing on the screen of your device. This proves to be a boon for wanderers, business mavens, or anyone who interacts with people from diverse linguistic origins. The cherry on the cake is the in-device translations safeguarding your private conversations from being sent to external servers, thereby boosting your interaction security.

Looking Ahead: Galaxy S24 and Gauss

Samsung took the veil off Galaxy AI’s official introduction, marked to be “early next year”. Given this announcement, it is reasonable to expect that the Galaxy S24 lineup of smartphones scheduled for launch in 2024 will come loaded with these dynamic AI features. In addition, Samsung gave us sneak peeks of its generative AI model, Gauss, during an event. Gauss seems to be instrumental in the upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup, promising to escalate the array of AI-enabled features available to users.

Rising to the AI challenge, Gauss is set to expand advanced AI capabilities onto mobile devices, powering a maze of pioneering features. As AI weaves itself into our everyday lives, Gauss can be expected to set Samsung’s smartphones apart, delivering intelligent experiences for users that are miles ahead of time.

The AI-driven Race Among Smartphone Manufacturers

The growing trend of AI-powered features in the smartphone industry is also garnering significant attention. Tech Giants like Google have been pioneers, launching AI-powered tools within their Pixel 8 lineup, primarily aimed at enhancing photo editing and quality. Apple is also reported to be injecting heavy investments into AI, with expectations of AI-powered features becoming a regular part of iPhones in times ahead.

The race is on among smartphone manufacturers, all eyeing the lead in the AI-powered future of smartphones. As users demand a more personalized and efficient experience, AI emerges as the arena for establishing differentiation. The seamless language translation during calls, increased photo quality, alongside other AI-enhanced features, could possibly turn the tables for buyers, while choosing their next smartphone.

Complementing this trend are AI-centric hardware products like Humane’s cellular-enabled AI Pin hitting the marketplace, offering a more comprehensive range of options for consumers eager to leverage the strength of AI in their everyday lives. Such products are designed to extend mobile device capabilities, making them even more intelligent and versatile.

Wrapping Up

With the introduction of Galaxy AI, Samsung is set to transform our smartphone using experience. The groundbreaking features promised, such as real-time call translations, boundless communication, smooth productivity, and unrestrained creativity, are not only going to redefine mobile usage but also erase language barriers completely. Neatly tucked within the soon-to-launch Galaxy S24 lineup is Galaxy AI, also featuring Gauss, Samsung’s generative AI model.

Gauss is set to steer forward advanced AI capabilities to mobile devices, fuelling a host of innovative features. Through its dedication to AI within its Galaxy smartphone lineup, Samsung marches forward towards delivering unparalleled technology and superior user experiences. As AI sinks deep into our everyday lives, Samsung leads the charge in the AI-powered smartphone market, promising an exciting future.

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