Reverse Proxy API

GPT proxy.custom API key.

From time to time, our servers may experience high usage, leading to slower response rates and occasional error responses on Free GPT. Rest assured, we are continuously working on increasing our server capacity & AI credits to accommodate a growing number of users.

For users seeking uninterrupted access to GPT and ongoing support for new features, we offer custom API keys. With these keys, you can enjoy unhindered usage of GPT, enabling you to leverage its capabilities to the fullest with Free GPT Playground.

Why use Reverse Proxy?

A reverse proxy API, in general, is a service that sits between the client and a web server. It handles requests and responses on behalf of the server, intercepting requests from the client, forwarding them to the appropriate backend server, and then sending the corresponding responses back to the client.

multiple models

Our Reverse Proxy APIs include wide array of advanced AI models from different developers, offering versatility. From the highly sophisticated GPT-3.5, known for its exceptional language understanding and generation capabilities, to the latest GPT-4-Turbo.

The API also provides access to Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, each tailored for unique AI Image Generation results. The LLaMA family, including various models like LLaMA-2-70b, LLaMA-2-13b, and LLaMA-2-7b, offers a range of scalable solutions for different project sizes. Additionally, our service includes Code-LLaMA models, which are specifically designed to aid in coding and programming challenges.


Tier 1

  • 350,000 Credits
  • OpenAI Models
  • Claude AI

Tier 2

  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • OpenAI Models
  • Claude AI
  • Llama Models

Tier 3

  • 2,000,000 Credits
  • OpenAI Models
  • Claude AI
  • Llama Models
  • Stable Diffusion

Credit Consumption Rules

Different models have different consumption rules:

ModelBilling ModeCredit Standard
gpt-3.5-turboPer Use10 credits/use
gpt-3.5-turbo-16kPer Use10 credits/use
gpt-4Per Use600 credits/use
gpt-4-32kToken2 credits/token
gpt-4-vPer Use800 credits/use
gpt-4-allPer Use1000 credits/use
gpt-4-dallePer Use1000 credits/use
gpt-4-1106-previewToken1 credit/token
claude-1-100kPer Use20 credits/use
claude-2-100kPer Use20 credits/use
midjourneyPer Use1500 credits/use
mjPer Use1500 credits/use
google-palmPer Use10 credits/use
llama-2-70bPer Use10 credits/use
llama-2-13bPer Use10 credits/use
llama-2-7bPer Use10 credits/use
code-llama-34bPer Use10 credits/use
code-llama-13bPer Use10 credits/use
code-llama-7bPer Use10 credits/use
stable-diffusionPer Use10 credits/use

This table provides a simplified overview of the credit consumption for different AI models, focusing on the billing mode and the standard rate of credit usage.