Netflix Games October 2023: What’s New to Play

Netflix – revolutionizing entertainment in movies, TV shows, and now games. Embrace the world of Netflix Games; a feature that turns your Android or iOS device into a gaming arena, filled with diverse mobile games. A world free from pop-up advertisements, in-app purchases, and the need for a separate subscription. With a Netflix subscription and the app, you immerse in a fantastic selection of games that gets refreshed each month.

Understanding The Realm Of Netflix Games

Netflix Games, an exclusive for subscribers, transforms your mobile device into a seamless gaming platform devoid of extra fees, in-app purchases, and distracting ads. More than 50 games, featuring some renowned Netflix characters from The Queen’s Gambit to Too Hot to Handle, bring your gaming fantasies alive.

To dive into the action, you just need your Netflix account and a compatible Android or iOS device. Games can be downloaded from the Netflix app and started directly from your device’s library or by getting back to the game’s page on Netflix. Netflix Games stands as your gateway to experience entertainment on mobile and engage with your favorite Netflix sagas in an exhilarating way.

Featured Games For October 2023

Here are some of the new games gracing the platforms of Netflix Games for October 2023.

1. Dead Cells: Netflix Edition

In Dead Cells: Netflix Edition, you don the role of an odd character, an undead pile of sludge, trapped within a forsaken castle. Your mission: locate living bodies, defeat formidable bosses, and escape the castle, braving the ever-evolving pixel art environments and deadly foes. Your biggest obstacle is death itself – each death resets your progress.

The game requires prowess in 2D combat, platforming, and weapon mastery while unearthing the castle’s hidden secrets. The game’s Netflix Edition encompasses all content from the original game, including free and withdrawn updates, so you’ll never miss out on any part of this escape journey.

2. Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill

Designed as a humorous homage to 80s horror flicks, this sequel to Slayaway Camp turns you into a virtual terrorizer, petrified within a series of old-school horror movies. You have the liberty to choose to be Skullface or other horror classics like Gourd Head, Demon Doll, and more, as you navigate through challenging puzzles, find hiding spots, gather potent weapons, and perform spine-chilling finishes to earn extra points. Only available for Netflix members, this game intensifies your horror fanciness.

A Peek Into The Game Library

Netflix Games boasts an impressive collection of games for your mobile device, clustered under various genres. Original titles share shelf space with games based on popular Netflix shows and movies. Here’s a glimpse of some of the games that you can play on Netflix Games:

Game Description
Krispee Street An interactive game based on the famous webcomic where you unveil hidden items and characters within a vibrant 2D world.
Wonderputt Forever A golf game with an ever-changing, transforming course design.
Bowling Ballers A hip-hop themed bowling game where you can customize your player profile and compete online.
Asphalt Xtreme An adrenaline-pumping racing game with over 50 cars and bikes, racing through extreme tracks worldwide.
Townsmen A simulation game where you build and manage your medieval town, handle business, and tackle challenges.
Arcanium: Rise of Akhan A card game combining deckbuilding and roguelike elements, letting you build your team of heroes and explore an enemy-filled treasure world.
Into the Dead 2: Unleashed A zombie survival game where you fight your way through undead hordes in a post-apocalyptic world.


Q: How can I access Netflix Games? If you have a Netflix subscription and the Netflix app on your Android or iOS device, all you’ve to do is tap on the Games tab and browse through available games. You can also search for games by name or genre.

Q: Do I need to download the games? No, the games stream from the cloud, and hence, they don’t take up storage space on your device. However, an internet connection is mandatory.

Q: Can I use controllers to play the games? Yes, compatible Bluetooth controllers can be used to play the games. Alternatively, you can use in-device touch controls.

Netflix Games provides a novel mode of experiencing entertainment on mobile. You can play games based on your favorite Netflix shows or explore new, original game titles that are exclusive to Netflix. Being a subscriber, you just need the Netflix app and an internet connection to start playing, free of ads or in-app purchases. Why wait, check out the latest games available in October 2023, and challenge your gaming prowess today!

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