Lisa AI: How to Turn Your Photos into 90’s Yearbook Style with AI

If you’ve ever been curious about how you’d look in a time-capsuled 90’s yearbook photo or aspired to recreate the style of your favorite 90’s movie star, there is an application that could transform this long-longed desire into reality. The app, known as Lisa AI, allows you to convert your photos into a stylish 90’s yearbook design with the help of artificial intelligence. In this article, we delve into the details of what Lisa AI is, its functionalities, the reasons for the 90’s yearbook style popularity, the benefits of creating 90’s yearbook photos, and alternatives to Lisa AI.

About Lisa AI

Lisa AI is a software application specifically designed for mobile devices that harnesses the power of a robust deep learning model for image and video generation. The application is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Its prime feature particularly popular amongst users is the 90’s yearbook generator, which effortlessly transforms your regular pictures into high-school themed photos using artificial intelligence. You can further enhance the 90’s aesthetic of your photos by applying pre-set filters and changing the background.

The 90’s Yearbook Craze

The 90’s yearbook style has gained popularity due to its distinctive look and nostalgic appeal. The 90’s era was marked by groundbreaking cultural and technological changes such as internet proliferation, the emergence of new movie genres, music styles, fashion trends, and various subcultures. The 90’s yearbook style resonates with the decade’s vibe, merging bright colors, distinctive geometric shapes, quirky fonts, and unique poses. This style not only lets users blend into the 90’s culture but also encourages them to experiment with their desired retro looks.

Using Lisa AI App

Turning your photos into the 90’s yearbook style is a piece of cake with the Lisa AI app. Here’s how to effectively navigate through the application:

  1. Open Lisa AI on your device and select the “90s High School” style.
  2. Specify your gender.
  3. Choose the styles you prefer – cheerleader, outfit, yearbook. You can select up to six different styles.
  4. Proceed to the next step by clicking “Continue.”
  5. Upload up to twelve of your photos.
  6. Once the photos are uploaded, click on “Done.”
  7. Finally, the AI technology baked within the app generates your stylish 90’s yearbook photo.

Alternatives to Lisa AI

Lisa AI is not the sole application capable of generating 90’s yearbook-style pictures. Some alternatives include:

  • EPIK: This app utilizes AI to generate 90’s yearbook photos and photos in other styles like celebrity, anime, and cartoon images. However, it requires users to pay a subscription fee.
  • Fotor: A photo editing app offering a 90’s yearbook generator feature among a range of useful tools and effects. You can upload your photo, select from different templates, and personalize your photos.
  • ArtGuru: This platform is perfect for creating stunning AI art from photos or text. It features diverse themes such as cyberpunk, fantasy, anime, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lisa AI? Lisa AI is a cutting-edge photo editing app that uses artificial intelligence to transform your photos into a variety of styles.
How long does it take to process a photo? The processing duration can vary depending on the intricacies of the transformation and server load.
How to get started with Lisa AI? You can begin by downloading the Lisa AI app, uploading your photo, and choosing your preferred 90’s yearbook style. The AI will do the magic for you!


Lisa AI excellently bridges the gap between modern photography and the nostalgia for the 90’s era. It easily transforms your photos into a high school-themed 90’s style. It stands as a fun and exciting way of reliving your imaginary or actual high school moments. The possibility of sharing your AI-generated yearbook photos on social media can make you a trendsetter amongst your circles.

However, Lisa AI is not alone in this distinctive trend. There are other applications such as EPIK, Fotor, and ArtGuru that offer similar 90’s yearbook generation features. Every 90’s lover desiring to create an AI-designed 90’s yearbook photo should give Lisa AI a shot – and be ready for a surprise: you appearing in the 90’s style!

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