Learn How to Connect Microsoft Bing AI with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business, a widely-used messaging application, empowers businesses to offer valuable services and communicate directly with their customers. However, its potential can be further magnified when integrated with Microsoft Bing AI, a robust artificial intelligence platform that boasts features like computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing. Such integration not only enhances the chat experience for customers on WhatsApp Business but also automates workflows and tasks.

A Comprehensive Guide to Integrating Microsoft Bing AI and WhatsApp Business

This article offers an in-depth exploration into the process of connecting Microsoft Bing AI with WhatsApp Business for the creation of a simple chatbot utilizing Bing Custom Search. This cloud communications platform enables businesses to send and receive video calls, voice calls, and messages via WhatsApp and other channels.

How to Seamlessly Connect Microsoft Bing AI to WhatsApp Business?

There are multiple ways of connecting Microsoft Bing AI with WhatsApp Business, each varying based on specific business needs and preferences. Below is a step-by-step guide to make this integration easy and effective.

Step 1: Understand How Microsoft Bing AI and WhatsApp Business Work Together

Before embarking on the integration, it’s vital to comprehend what Bing AI can accomplish. It has the ability to discern feelings in messages, understand our speech, and recognize images. This can make WhatsApp Business communications more effective and introduce the potential for task automation.

Step 2: Setting Up a Microsoft Azure Account

Integration of Bing AI with WhatsApp Business requires a Microsoft Azure account. If you do not have one, simply sign up through the Microsoft Azure portal. Once you are registered, go to the Azure dashboard to configure the necessary resources for Bing AI services.

Step 3: Create Bing Search API Resource

Within the Azure portal, select the “Create a resource” option. Lookup for “Bing Search v7 API”, choose the accurate API version and personalize the settings. Complete the steps to finalize this resource which furnishes the essential API key for integration.

Step 4: Procure WhatsApp Business API Credentials

You will need API credentials to connect with WhatsApp Business. These can typically be obtained by reaching out to WhatsApp Business Solution Providers or by directly applying for access through WhatsApp Business API.

Step 5: Develop an Integration Hub

Building an integration hub helps Microsoft Bing AI communicate seamlessly with WhatsApp Business. You can choose any programming language to build this hub. It acts as a bridge between the two, effortlessly handling queries, responses, and routing them back to the user.

Step 6: Connect Bing AI API to Middleware

Incorporate the Bing Search API into your middleware’s code using the API key obtained in Step 3. This setup enables your middleware to pass user queries to Bing AI service for analysis and return with relevant responses.

Step 7: Set Up WhatsApp Business API in Middleware

Set up the WhatsApp Business API integration within your middleware using the received credentials. This setup includes configuring webhooks, defining message formats, and ensuring your middleware can manage messages flowing in and out with ease.

Step 8: Conduct a Thorough Testing

Prior to launching the integrated solution, make sure to run numerous tests. Ensure that queries forwarded through WhatsApp are processed appropriately by Bing AI, and the responses are accurately sent back through the WhatsApp Business interface.

Step 9: Launch the Unified Solution

Once the testing phase is satisfactorily completed, it’s time to implement the combined solution on your selected platform. Ensure that the middleware runs smoothly, facilitating effective communication between Microsoft Bing AI and WhatsApp Business.

Step 10: Monitor and Optimize

Post-launch, continuously monitor the solution’s performance and track user interactions. Gather feedback and make necessary adjustments to increase efficiency and accuracy over time.

Why Integrate Microsoft Bing AI with WhatsApp Business?

Combining Microsoft Bing AI with WhatsApp Business offers numerous benefits for businesses and their customers. Some of these benefits include:

  • Magnify customer service offerings by incorporating Bing AI services.
  • For example, a travel agency can create a custom search engine for partner websites, or a restaurant can use spellcheck for message corrections and image search for menu showcasing.
  • Bing Image and Video Search can enhance user interaction by allowing businesses like fashion stores or movie theaters to provide more visual content.
  • Stay current and provide users with relevant information by taking advantage of Bing News and Web Search.


Question Answer
Which Bing AI services can be integrated into WhatsApp Business? Bing Custom Search, Entity Search, Spell Check, Image Search, Video Search, and Visual Search can significantly enhance WhatsApp Business functionalities.


This article demonstrated how to connect Microsoft Bing AI with WhatsApp Business using the Bing Custom Search API, creating a simple, efficient chatbot for Bing AI services. You can expand your bot’s capabilities by integrating other Microsoft Bing AI services such as Bing Entity Search, Bing Image Search, Bing News Search and more, offering a wider range of information and content to your users.

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