How to Use Instagram Wrapped and Keep Your Account Safe and Secure

Instagram is a highly popular social media platform that has more than 1.4 billion active users every month. This platform enables the sharing of photos and videos, lets you follow your favourite celebrities and influencers, and also discover new content and trends. Besides all these features, have you learnt how to get the best out of your Instagram experience? This article will show you how to use an interesting feature, Instagram Wrapped, to enhance your Instagram experience while keeping your account secure.

What is Instagram Wrapped and Its Popularity?

Instagram Wrapped is not a feature officially provided by Instagram. Rather, it’s a creation of a third-party application known as IGWrapped. It uses your Instagram activity to come up with a detailed report of your year’s journey on Instagram. The report shows you details like your most loyal followers, most used hashtags, post reach, peak activity hours and even whether someone blocked you.

Determined to bring fun to Instagram, Instagram Wrapped allows you to share your yearly journey on your profile or stories for your followers to see. It aligns with the trend of users reflecting on their digital journey, offering a sense of nostalgia, achievement, and curiosity about personal and network evolution over the year.

How to Get Instagram Wrapped 2023 using IGWrapped

Acquiring your Instagram Wrapped for 2023 requires the use of the IGWrapped application, which is only accessible on iOS devices currently. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the App Store and search for “Wrapped for Instagram”. Download and install it on your iOS device.
  2. After installation, open the app and link your Instagram account. You’ll be required to input your username and password, and allow the app to access your data.
  3. Wait for the app to generate your Wrapped report. Time taken depends on your internet speed and data quantity.
  4. Once your report is ready, it can be viewed on the app. By tapping the screen, you can scroll to see different metrics and statistics.
  5. You can also share your report on your Instagram profile or with your friends. Tap the “Share” button and choose your preferred option. The report can also be saved in your device’s camera roll or a link to it can be copied.

Risks of Instagram Wrapped

As much as Instagram Wrapped is an interesting and helpful tool, it carries certain risks and challenges. Among the risks of using Instagram Wrapped are:

  1. Use of IGWrapped, a third-party app, might expose your Instagram data to potential risks. It is therefore advisable to regularly review the app’s policies, revoke access after use, and regularly change your password to remain safe.
  2. Instagram Wrapped may evoke varying emotional responses like pride, disappointment and even envy. But remember, it’s only a yearly overview and it doesn’t define your worth. Try to compare less, focus on personal goals, and embrace your unique journey.
  3. You might be distracted from your original Instagram purpose by overemphasising on Instagram Wrapped. Remember, it’s a tool, not a goal. Prioritize creating meaningful content and engaging your community over getting impressive statistics.

Protectors Against Phishing and Hacking

Instagram, like other platforms, suffers from frequent phishing and hacking attacks. Phishing tricks users into divulging personal or financial information, while hacking results in unauthorized access, data theft, unwanted posts or spam messages. Here are tips to protect your account:

  1. Be vigilant online. Avoid clicking suspicious links or attachments, and report/delete suspicious emails or messages. Your account or device might end up being compromised if you aren’t careful.
  2. Keep your login info to yourself. Use unique passwords for accounts and change them regularly to keep your account secure.
  3. Boost your account’s security using two-factor authentication. This extra layer of security checks for a code or app verification when logging on new devices, ensuring an unauthorized access doesn’t happen even if your password is known.

Tips for Staying Safe on Instagram

Besides protecting your account from phishing and hacking, here are some additional safety tips:

Choose a Strong Password

Your password should be composed of numbers, letters and punctuation marks and it should be at least six characters long. Avoid using your name, birthday, phone number or other personal information as your password. Change your password regularly and use a password manager like LastPass or 1Password.

Instagram Wrapped

Revoke Access to Third-Party Apps

Third-party applications can connect to your account and access your data. While such apps can offer useful services like analytics and editing tools, some applications may be malicious or insecure. To avoid such risks, revoke access to any third-party apps that you don’t trust or no longer require.

Instagram Wrapped

Don’t Allow Access to Your Location

Your location details can reveal significant information about you such as your workplace, residence, study location and travel areas. Make sure you have turned off Instagram’s access to your location data.

Keep your Profile Information Private

Your profile data can expose sensitive information that can be used against you. To ensure your profile information privacy, limit the visibility of your info.

Instagram Wrapped

Report and Block Suspicious Accounts

Accounts that are suspicious are generally those with harmful intentions. Protect yourself from suspicious accounts by reporting and blocking them.


Instagram Wrapped is a useful tool that shows your activity and highlights throughout the year on Instagram. However, it also comes with potential risks and challenges. You should therefore take the necessary steps to ensure your Instagram experience remains safe and secure.

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