How to Use Google Meet ‘On-the-go’ Feature for Your Online Meetings

Are you searching for an effective method to boost productivity and reduce the stress of your mobile meetings? If your answer is affirmative, it’s time you checked out Google Meet’s innovative On-the-Go Mode feature. Specifically designed to enhance your convenience while participating in meetings on the move, this feature comes into effect whether you’re commuting, driving, or utilizing public transport.

The automatic detection of your movement signals the switch to a simplistic user interface, deactivating video by default and displaying only the essential information. Other remarkable aspects of this feature include the ability to view presented content and the option to join breakout rooms. This article aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of this new feature, who it benefits, and how you can make the most of it in your online meetings.

Explore the New Additions to Google Meet?

Google Meet has recently introduced their new feature – On-the-Go Mode. When you join a meeting using your mobile device, the system is capable of detecting movement. Should it sense motion, it suggests you switch to On-the-Go mode. Here’s how you can benefit from this new addition:

  • Automatic Detection: On joining a meeting via your mobile device, Google Meet automatically identifies if you are on the move. If it detects movement, it suggests you switch to On-the-Go Mode. These automated settings eliminate the need for manual alterations when in transit.
  • Simplified User Interface: The efficient On-the-Go Mode offers a simplified user interface. You have easy access to important meeting features like muting/unmuting, raising your hand, and selecting your audio device. This simplistic layout aids in maintaining your focus on the meeting.
  • Key Information Display: On-the-Go Mode prioritizes efficiency by displaying only critical information such as the active speaker and the number of participants in the call. This reduces distractions and promotes a fruitful meeting.
  • Video Off by Default: When you switch to On-the-Go Mode, your video is automatically disabled when you join a meeting. This setting optimizes bandwidth usage and minimizes distractions, offering an audio-only experience.
  • Option to View Content: While in On-the-Go Mode, you have the privilege to view presented content, allowing you to stay updated with important discussions.

Who Reaps the Benefits?

The main beneficiaries of these enriching changes are end-users. You’ll notice a significant improvement if you frequently participate in Google Meet meetings through your mobile device and are often on the move.

Unlock the ‘On-the-go’ Feature

There are no special controls for administrators for this feature. However, On-the-Go Mode is enabled by default for end users, who can choose to turn it on or off as per their preference.

The voluntary motion detection feature of On-the-Go Mode stands out. On detecting movement while logging in to the meeting, Google Meet suggests that you enable On-the-Go Mode. Just tap “Go” on the pop-up, and get ready for a productive meeting on the move.

While automatic motion detection is an admirable attribute, you can manually enter On-the-Go Mode during a meeting. If you opt to switch to this mode, simply tap “More controls” at the bottom of your screen and then select “On-the-Go.” If you decide to exit On-the-Go Mode, your camera is set to “off.” To reactivate it, tap the camera icon.

Disable the On-the-Go Mode

If you’d rather not use On-the-Go Mode, you can easily deactivate it. Here’s how:

  • Access the mobile app, navigate to Menu, followed by Settings, and then Meeting settings for regular users. From here, you can disable the automatic usage of On-the-Go Mode.
  • For Business & EDU users, the procedure is the same. Access the mobile app, go to Menu, followed by Settings, and General. Then, disable the automatic usage of On-the-Go Mode.

On the contrary, if you want On-the-Go Mode suggested each time you join a moving meeting, you can enable this feature using the same steps as turning it off. Just follow the guidelines provided above and turn on automatic On-the-Go Mode usage.

Key Features of the On-the-Go Mode

Exclusively available for mobile devices, On-the-Go Mode brings a range of benefits to the user:

  • Camera Off: Your camera is switched off by default when you enter On-the-Go Mode, ensuring unnecessary bandwidth isn’t consumed and your privacy is maintained.
  • Reduced Data Usage: On-the-Go Mode uses less data, ideal in situations with limited bandwidth. This saves both data usage and cost for users on mobile data plans.
  • Large Buttons: For user convenience, On-the-Go Mode features large, easy-to-press call control buttons, minimizing the chances of inadvertently pressing the wrong controls.
  • Optional Content Viewing: Offering an audio-only experience, On-the-Go Mode permits you to view content presented during the meeting to ensure full engagement in the discussion.
  • Breakout Rooms: You can seamlessly participate in breakout discussions while in On-the-Go Mode. This feature makes sure that your movement doesn’t restrict your involvement in the meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Google Meet ‘On-the-Go’? All Google Workspace customers as well as users with personal Google accounts can use Google Meet ‘On-the-Go’.
What Features are Available in Google Meet ‘On-the-Go’? Google Meet ‘On-the-Go’ maintains the necessary features from the regular Google Meet UI, such as mute/unmute, hand raising, and audio device selection. It also allows you to view presented content and join breakout rooms.

Final Thoughts

Google Meet’s On-the-Go Mode is a groundbreaking feature that adds convenience and focus to mobile meetings. By automatically detecting movement and suggesting the switch to a simpler user interface, the On-the-Go Mode brings you a hassle-free, audio-only experience. This feature also comes with options to view presented content or join breakout rooms.

Designed to save bandwidth, minimize distractions, and enhance your mobile meeting experiences, the On-the-Go Mode can be activated or deactivated according to your preference. So, if you’re frequently engaged in meetings while on the go, it’s worth turning on the On-the-Go Mode and discovering how it can elevate your virtual collaboration process.

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