How to Remove Background from GIF for free

GIFs, AKA Graphics Interchange Format files, are in hardly any corner of the web where they are not present. These brief animations have emerged as an impressive way to convey emotions, responses, messages, or humor. Nevertheless, there are situations when you may want to extract the background from a GIF for fitting better into your layout; this might be to create a sticker, add a new color scheme, or create a meme using a GIF with a transparent background. But, how can one accomplish that for free? This article walks you through four simple methods for making GIF backgrounds transparent free of cost with different techniques and tools. We’ll also provide you with creative ideas on how to use your transparent GIFs.

Ways to Remove the Background from a GIF for Free

Below are a couple of straightforward methods for GIF background removal.

Method 1: Online Image Editor

  1. Visit the Online Image Editor website. It’s free to use and accessible from anywhere with internet, no need to download or install any software.
  2. To upload your GIF on the website, choose to upload the GIF using a URL, click ‘Choose Image’ button, or simply drag and drop.
  3. Select ‘Transparency’ option from the ‘Advanced’ section in the upper menu to remove the background.
  4. Your cursor will turn into a pointer upon clicking ‘Select Transparent Area’; use it to identify the background of your GIF. This process may take a while, depending on your GIF’s complexity.
  5. Once pleased with the edits, click ‘Save’ and use the folder icon to download your GIF.

Method 2: Unscreen Website

  1. Unscreen is another free website that can be accessed in any web browser on your computer or phone. Visit the Unscreen website to remove your GIF’s background.
  2. Unscreen WebsiteTo upload your GIF on Unscreen, click ‘Upload Clip’. The website will automatically remove the background and analyze your GIF, requiring no manual tools.
  3. Clicking on the downward triangle icon, choose ‘GIF’ and click ‘Download’ to get your background-free GIF saved.

Method 3: Using BGremover

  1. Visit the VanceAI website and click ‘Start now’ to upload your image.
  2. VanceAI website Choose desired mode and await processing.
  3. Preview the outcome and download it.

VanceAI’s desktop software, VanceAI PC, allows bulk image processing with customization options to improve productivity.

Changing the Background of Your GIF

Different backgrounds can be added to GIFs to make them more exciting. Here’s how:

  • Below the GIF, click ‘Change Background’.
  • Select ‘Video’ to add a dynamic background to your GIF.
  • Change the background color by selecting the color tab.
  • The ‘Image’ tab lets you add a custom image as the background.

Why Remove Background from GIF?

There might be several reasons why you’d want to remove a GIF’s background, such as:

  • Making the GIF clearer and more focused, as sometimes the background might distract from the message or emotion.
  • Creating a sticker. Stickers typically have a transparent background so they can be placed over any image without covering it.
  • Inserting a new background. The GIF background might need to be changed to suit your project’s theme or style.
  • Making a meme. A meme, a humorous image, text or video that is shared online often with captions and variations, offers a great way to express opinions, jokes, or feelings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between a GIF and a PNG?
GIFs and PNGs, both image files that support transparency, differ in that GIFs can support animations but PNGs cannot. PNGs support a wider range of colors and of a higher quality than GIFs, but are likely to have a larger file size.

How can I Make a GIF from Scratch?
A GIF can be created from scratch using any image editing software or online tool supporting GIF creation and editing. GIMP or Photoshop or EZGIF could be used, or even a video editing software or online tool to convert a video into a GIF, for instance, Unscreen,, or LunaPic.

How can I Optimize a GIF for Web or Mobile Use?
Optimizing a GIF for web/mobile use can be done using tools such as GIMP, Photoshop, or EZGIF. Adjusting the settings (such as colors, frame rate, dithering, and lossy compression) can reduce the file size and increase its loading speed.

How can I Reverse or Loop a GIF?
A GIF can be reversed or looped using any GIF-compatible image editing software or online tool, such as GIMP, Photoshop, or EZGIF. You even get to choose how many times you want your GIF to loop, or to loop it indefinitely.

We have explored four unique methods to remove the background from GIFs free of charge in this article. Hopefully, it was informative and came in handy when creating stickers, adding new backgrounds, or making a meme with your transparent GIFs.

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