How to Manage Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on one Device

Unlocking the Potential of Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Ever dreamt of running multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single phone? A business number along with your personal one, or perhaps separating friends from family. We’re here to tell you that your wish has finally been granted! The ‘Multiple WhatsApp Accounts’ feature is a recent addition to the highly popular application, enabling two different accounts to co-exist on one device. Let’s delve deeper into this feature, discussing what it is, how you can set it up, and the potential benefits and limitations it presents.

Understanding the Intricacies of the Multiple WhatsApp Accounts Feature

WhatsApp’s new feature, aptly termed ‘Multiple WhatsApp Accounts’, lets you maintain two separate accounts on a single device. Each of these accounts retains distinct details, including the phone number, profile, settings, chats, contacts, and media. It alleviates the perennial hassle of logging out of one account to access another, allowing you to switch between the accounts seamlessly. The idle account continues to receive notifications and calls, prompting you to switch to the right account as required.

Don’t confuse Multiple WhatsApp Accounts with WhatsApp Business. The latter is a unique app that supports business profiles and client interaction. Compared to the business variant, the multi-account feature comes integrated within the standard WhatsApp app, requiring no additional downloads. However, combining Multiple WhatsApp Accounts with WhatsApp Business is worthwhile for maintaining personal and business accounts on the same device.

Procedure to Create a Secondary WhatsApp Account

To have that extra WhatsApp account up and running, you need a separate phone number or a multiple SIM device. Follow these seven easy steps:

  1. Initiate by opening WhatsApp and heading to Settings > Account > Add Account.
  2. Read through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Afterwards, tap Agree and Continue to acknowledge the conditions.
  3. Weigh in your country from the drop-down list to incorporate the country code.
  4. Feed in your phone number in the international phone number format.
  5. After tapping Done or Next, hit OK to receive your 6-digit registration code via phone call or SMS.
  6. Enter the received 6-digit code to conclude the registration process.
  7. Finally, input your name in your new profile, and proceed by tapping Next. You have the option to add a profile photo and complete information in the about field.

Switching between Accounts – A Walk-through

Once your second account is set, alternating between accounts on the same device is a breeze with these steps:

  1. Launch WhatsApp and hit the menu icon (highlighted by three dots) in the top-right corner.
  2. Tap on Switch accounts.
  3. Finalize by selecting the account you wish to access.

Responding to Notifications from Idle Accounts

Notifications, including message and call alerts, are directed towards the idle account. Here’s how to respond:

  1. On receiving a push notification form the second account, you have the option to Ignore or Switch Accounts.
  2. If you choose to dismiss the call, tap Ignore.
  3. To switch to your secondary WhatsApp account, select Switch Accounts. It directs you to the switch accounts loading screen.
  4. Finally, select either Answer, Reply, or Decline based on your preferences.

Removing an Account: The Steps

You can remove an account, which doesn’t essentially delete it, from your device, whenever required by following these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and navigate through Settings > Account > Remove account.
  2. Finally, tap Confirm to finalize removing the account from your device.

Maximizing Returns with the Multiple WhatsApp Account Feature

Here are the beneficial aspects of this feature:

  • The feature is a boon for those looking to separate professional and personal communications. It allows two completely different accounts on a single device.
  • Account switching is smooth and fast, eliminating the need for logging out and logging back in.
  • Even while idle, an account can receive calls and notifications, which can be addressed by immediately switching over.
  • Individual customization of profiles and settings for each account offers enhanced privacy and control over your online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run both WhatsApp accounts with the same phone number?

No, having a unique phone number for each WhatsApp account is mandatory. You can rely on a physical SIM card or a multiple-SIM device.

Is it possible to use both WhatsApp accounts at the same time?

No, only one WhatsApp account remains active at a given time. The second account remains idle, syncing with the server only after account switching.

Launching into Conclusions

The Multiple WhatsApp Accounts feature simplifies the management of multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device. It offers the luxury of separate accounts with distinct phone numbers, profiles, settings, chats, contacts, and media. Despite the account limit of two, its availability only for Android beta users, and the prerequisite of a separate phone number, the feature is highly viable. Watching this space for more on how to maximize returns from WhatsApp’s dual account feature.

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