How to Create Stunning Videos from Text with Moonvalley AI Free Tool

Introducing Moonvalley AI: Your Virtual Creative Partner

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary power of Moonvalley AI, your unique choreographer that transforms your text into enthralling videos. Hailed as a revolutionary tool, Moonvalley AI leads the pack in the text-to-video conversion realm, unraveling your prompts into videos with precision and grace. Let’s unpack the secrets of this fascinating tool, revealing how it brings your creative thoughts to life on the digital canvas.

Unraveling Moonvalley AI

Moonvalley AI is an advanced text-to-video generator that operates cohesively on Discord, a widely used communication platform. Similar to Midjourney, Moonvalley leverages advanced artificial intelligence methodologies to comprehend and visualize your text into lively and visually appealing video clips.

How to Initiate Video Creation with Moonvalley AI

Harnessing the creative forces of Moonvalley AI is an effortless procedure, designed to accommodate both experienced creators and beginners. Follow this simple guide to unlock Moonvalley’s potential, transforming your textual prompts into mesmerizing video content:

  1. You begin by joining the Moonvalley’s Discord server by using the invitation link or by searching for the server.
  2. Gain insights into the community by exploring channels like #welcome and #guide
  3. In a channel labeled “new-moon-x” (e.g., #new-moon-1), use the /create command to commence video creation. Provide a creative prompt and personalize style/duration for your videos.

After submitting your creative prompt and desired settings, wait politely for Moonvalley AI’s video compilation process. The duration of the video creation may vary based on server load and user requests: a 1-second video typically takes 2-5 minutes, a 3-second video consumes 4-8 minutes, and a 5-second video span 8-12 minutes. Upon completion, the Moonvalley bot will alert you on Discord, indicating that your personalized video is ready for viewing.

Moonvalley Ai

You can locate your Moonvalley powered AI-generated video by searching for your username mentions or using the search function on Discord. Else, navigate through the channels to locate your masterpiece. Simply follow the aforementioned steps to enter the dazzling universe of Moonvalley and metamorphose your creative prompts into visually appealing videos.

Moonvalley AI Features

  • Continuous Evolution: Moonvalley is ever-evolving, introducing features for users to control finer details like camera movement and aspect ratios.
  • Ongoing Development: Stay abreast of upcoming features by checking out the official Moonvalley feature base.
  • Extended Access: Currently, Moonvalley operates on Discord, however, it plans to expand access via web applications or APIs.
  • Generation Times: Video creation time varies depending on length – short videos (1s) take between 2-5 minutes, medium videos (3s) span from 4-8 minutes, and longer videos (5s) require 8-12 minutes.
  • Content Usage: While Moonvalley supports commercial usage, it emphasizes adherence to content guidelines and fair use terms. Users should review and approve content to evade legal complications.

Is Moonvalley AI a Free Tool?

Moonvalley AI offers both free and premium plans. Users can take advantage of the free version to create AI-generated videos from text prompts. Further, there’s a premium subscription named the “Hobby Plan,” boasting additional features and benefits.

Moonvalley AI Pricing

With Moonvalley Premium, users can enhance their Moonvalley experience. For a mere $7 per month, you can access these amazing benefits:

  • Interact with the Moonvalley bot and receive personalized feedback and suggestions.
  • Erase the watermarks from your videos and give them a professional touch.

Alternatives to Moonvalley AI

Moonvalley AI is an innovative tool that whirls cinematic videos and animations from simple textual prompts, employing state-of-the-art machine learning to fabricate authentic and engaging visuals. For those searching for alternatives, there are a few viable options:

  • Hour One: This tool creates AI-driven video content featuring exceptionally real virtual presenters. Suitable for creating video ads, e-learning courses, podcasts, etc.
  • Genmo: Create fantastical video content from text with AI. Ideal for creating entertainment, education, and marketing content.
  • Rizzle: Craft compelling videos in minutes.
  • Synthesys: Makes ideal realistic voice-overs for your videos with AI. Great for making podcasts, audiobooks, documentaries, and more.

Understanding the workings of Moonvalley AI

Moonvalley AI uses sophisticated deep learning to convert your text into videos. It comprehends various aspects like the genre, mood, plot, and more, sourcing suitable visuals from a grand database to compile a complete audio-visual masterpiece.

Applications of Moonvalley AI

With Moonvalley AI, you can create a wide range of videos like movies, trailers, cartoons, animations, tutorials, advertisements, demos, and much more. It’s an ideal platform to communicate your innovative ideas!

Getting Started with Moonvalley AI

To get started with Moonvalley AI, create an account on the official Moonvalley AI website to use their online editor. Input your creative prompt to fabricate your video. View videos crafted by other users and join the Discord community for valuable feedback and tips.


Moonvalley AI breaks the boundaries as a text-to-video generative AI model, empowering every user to compile stunning videos from simple text prompts. Whether you aim to craft a movie trailer, a product demo, a music video, or even a personal story, Moonvalley aids in turning your vision into reality. With Moonvalley AI, you control the motion, style, and content of videos, upload personal images, and inspect the performance of your projects.

Moonvalley AI is the ultimate toolbox for unleashing your creativity and connecting you with your audience using captivating videos. To acclimatize further with Moonvalley AI’s superpowers, visit their website or join their bustling Discord community.

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