How to Convert Your Photos into Cartoon Art

If you’ve harbored a passion for cartoons and have been seeking ways to transform your photos into exquisite cartoon art, you’ve come to the right place. Driven by the desire to craft unique cartoon avatars for social network profiles or even create hilariously unusual versions of your friends, family, or pets, the transformation of photos into cartoon art has become quite a trend! This comprehensive guide will demystify the art of cartoonization and walk you through the simple steps to transform your pictures into remarkable cartoon art using Fotor’s AI cartoon generator.

What is Cartoon Art?
Cartoon art represents a distinctive genre of visual art, using illustrations, animations, or drawings to communicate humor, satire, or caricature. Depending primarily on the setting and viewers, cartoon art serves a range of functions and is characterized by multiple styles. While some cartoons are designed purely for entertainment, others are created to express critical views. Here are a few reasons why individuals convert photos into cartoon art:

  • Design cartoon versions of personal pictures for enjoyment or social media sharing.
  • Generate unique cartoon avatars or figures based on people or animals.
  • Apply cartoon effects to enhance aesthetic or artistic values of landscape or still-life shots.
  • Use different art styles such as pop art, anime, or Pixar using cartoon filters.
  • Employ cartoon art in graphic design and promotional material like logos, posters, or flyers.

How to Transform Photos into Cartoon Art
Fotor AI Cartoon Generators are potent tools designed to facilitate the creation of cartoon-style photos, characters, avatars, portraits, and landscapes leveraging artificial intelligence. The Generator offers an immersive experience in transforming any typical photo into a cartoon replica.

Start by clicking on the “Cartoonize Your Photo” button to access the photo-to-cartoon feature of this AI image generator.

Thereafter, click the “Open Image” button to upload your selected image. Proceed to choose a cartoon filter from the Effects.

Photos Into Cartoon Art

The AI-based cartoon generator, within a few seconds, will alter your image into a cartoon. You can expect to receive three AI-generated cartoon adaptations based on your uploaded image. In case you are not satisfied with the variations, click on the “Generate Again” option in the bottom menu for more adaptations.

To nail down your preferred cartoon-themed image, just tap the download icon on that particular cartoon. Alternatively, use the “Download All” option in the bottom menu to download all the cartoon images at once.

AI Cartoon Generators

Generator Description
Remini AI Remini AI Cartoon Generator is a user-friendly tool that can transform any image or text into a cartoon. You can select from a variety of cartoon styles.
PicsArt PicsArt’s cartoon generator AI creates vibrant artworks from your pictures. With it, you can easily convert your photos into cartoons, drawings, and more.
PhotoCartoon PhotoCartoon is a free online tool that converts your pictures into cartoons, paintings, drawings, and caricatures using AI. You can choose from over 50 fantastic photo cartoon effects.
BeFunky BeFunky’s AI Cartoon Generator allows you to convert your photos into cartoons, comics, sketches, and more quickly using AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Fotor free to use?
    Yes, while Fotor provides free access for basic editing and cartoonizing your photos, more advanced features require an upgrade to Fotor Pro.
  • Why would I want to convert my photos into cartoon art?
    Converting photos into cartoon art adds an entertaining and playful flair. It’s also a creative way to personalize and enliven your images.


The transformation of your photos into cartoon art can add an exciting and creative element to your way of expressing yourself, revealing your personality and upgrading your digital content. You can use cartoon art for a host of purposes, whether personal or professional. You can create original and one-of-a-kind cartoon art, experimenting with various filters and effects. Lastly, use an exceptional photo editing software like Fotor, following a step-by-step guide to apply a cartoon filter or effect to your image, tweak the settings and parameters of the filter or effect, and preview and save your cartoon art.

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