Homeworkify Alternative: A List of the Best AI Tools for Homework Help

If you’ve had enough of Homeworkify’s empty promises and are searching for better alternatives, you’re in the right place. No more unreliable, inaccurate, and expensive services. Instead, we bring you a list of superior AI homework tools to facilitate your academic journey. From helping you master various subjects and assignments to developing new skills, these impressive tools come with user-friendly interfaces and fair pricing.

A List of High-Quality Homeworkify Alternatives

Name Website Image
Studybuddy studybuddy.me
Academichelp academichelp.net Academichelp
CourseHero coursehero.com Coursehero
SolutionInn solutioninn.com SolutionInn
QuizPlus quizplus.com QuizPlus
Quizlet quizlet.com Quizlet
Skooli skooli.com Skooli


Studybuddy houses over 50 AI tools perfect for tackling homework across diverse subjects including math, science, writing, and coding. With personalized assistance on any topic, you can use these tools for solving problems, crafting essays, and creating presentations.

Features of Studybuddy

  • Over 50 AI tools for various assignments.
  • A personal assistant to provide task-relevant help.
  • Fast solution generation, saving study time.
  • AI tutorial for future career application.


Enhancing academic writing skills is Academichelp’s forte. It boasts free writing tools, samples, guides, and service ratings, and its resources range from plagiarism checking to essay writing and even AI writing tutorials.

Academichelp Features

  • Its free AI detector identifies ChatGPT plagiarism and AI texts.
  • Offers free plagiarism testing for text and files, utilizing advanced algorithms and anti-cheating detection.
  • A diversity of topics featured on its blog, including education, technology, and writing tips.


CourseHero assists students and educators in their academic ventures, offering numerous resources like course notes, online tutors, test prep, and homework help, meticulously organized to cater to specific courses and universities.

Features of CourseHero

  • Offers comprehensive, insightful study guides.
  • Interactive practice problems intended for profound understanding of the topics.
  • Availability of expert tutors for any arising questions.


Connecting students and tutors across varying fields and levels of education is SolutionInn’s primary aim. Offering homework, project, and assignment help, the platform also allows tutors to monetize their knowledge by offering high-quality solutions.

SolutionInn Features

  • A user-friendly layout suitable for different skill levels and educational backgrounds.
  • Provides free trial membership and nominal fee structure for its services.


QuizPlus is a one-stop platform offering a series of study tools for students in over 30 study fields. From exam preparation to assignment completion and learning new topics, QuizPlus has got you covered.

QuizPlus Features

  • Over 30 fields of study supported with step-by-step expert solutions.
  • Offers 24/7 homework help.
  • Referral program for users to invite their friends to join the platform.


Quizlet allows you to create your study sets or use existing ones. It features an array of learning methods including flashcards, practice tests, and expert solutions.

Quizlet Features

  • Adaptive and personalized study mode that monitors your progress.
  • Q-Chat chatbot that quizzes and teaches you.


Skooli offers online tutoring services for students of all levels. By connecting students with professional teachers, Skooli aids in learning difficult concepts, improving grades, and achieving academic goals.

Skooli Features

  • Interactive virtual classroom for easy learning.
  • Tutors are selected based on their certifications and proficiency in various subjects.
  • Incorporates a new messaging system that filters out inappropriate chats.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use these AI tools for Homework help?

You can use these AI tools for homework help by visiting their websites and following their instructions. Some may require an account creation, subscription, or fee payment for full access to their features.

What is Homeworkify and why do I need an Alternative?

Homeworkify is a website that claims to provide AI-powered homework help for students. Unfortunately, it has proven to be unreliable, inaccurate, and expensive hence the need for better alternatives.


To sum up, this article presents alternative AI tools to Homeworkify that promise to improve academic performance, learn new skills, and achieve academic goals. These tools cover a variety of tasks such as math, science, writing, coding, and more, ensuring you acquire a wholesome learning experience.

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