Get Ready for the Best InfoSec Black Friday Deals of 2023 with ‘Friday Hack Fest’

Internationally known as the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is awaited eagerly as a shopping extravaganza, giving retailers a chance to offer substantial discounts and deals on various commodities. But it’s not just mainstream products that see a drop in prices – the field of cybersecurity also opens up a world of chances for professionals and enthusiasts alike to access top-notch resources, tools, and educational opportunities. If you’re seeking to boost your career, upgrade your skills, or simply immerse in a spot of learning and fun, InfoSec Black Friday presents a treasure trove of possibilities for everyone. We have curated a list for InfoSec Black Friday 2023 that showcases amazing deals for software, training, hardware, books and a lot more related to InfoSec.

A Glimpse into InfoSec Black Friday

Living up to its nickname, the ‘Friday Hack Fest’, the InfoSec Black Friday draws the cybersecurity community together in a celebration of learning and hacking. Catering to various categories such as tools and software, career advancement, newsletters, books, and training, this curated list of deals is updated frequently ensuring absolute accuracy and validity of all offers.

Exciting InfoSec Black Friday Deals of 2023

To give you a hint about the sort of deals that await you in InfoSec Black Friday 2023, here’s a peek into the different categories and the offers linked to them:

Career Development

Company Discount Deal Link
CareerSec 25% off at checkout with code: cyber-friday-25 CareerSec


Cybersecurity industry’s best newsletters with subscriptions:

Newsletter Discount Deal Link
Return on Security Subscription (Annual) 25% off ($74.00 instead of $99) Return on Security
Let’s Defend Cybersecurity Weekly Newsletter 95% off ($5 instead of $95) with code: BLCKFRDY-NEWS Let’s Defend

Professional Services

From penetration testing to threat detection and response, these are the professional services offering discounts:

Service Provider Discount Deal Link
UnderDefense Cybersecurity 20-40% off various services UnderDefense


Tools for various aspects of cybersecurity such as hacking, forensics, malware analysis, cryptography, and more:

Tool Discount Deal Link
GrayhatWarfare Open Bucket & shorturl Secrets 40% off various plans GrayhatWarfare

Courses & Training

A variety of discount offers on informative courses and trainings:

Training Program Discount Deal Link
Blue Team Training – LetsDefend 50% off with code: BLCKFRDY LetsDefend

The opportunity that InfoSec Black Friday represents is a chance to access the best in the industry of cybersecurity at a cut-rate price. For aspiring professionals, experts or just hobbyists in the field, the event celebrates the spirit of hacking and continuous learning. Regardless of whether you’re aiming for career growth, skill enhancement or simply a bit of fun and learning, InfoSec Black Friday caters to all.

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