Donor Focus Panel on ChatGPT Store

What is Donor Focus Panel

The Donor Focus Panel is a virtual focus group of donor personas that allows users to rate campaign materials on a donation likelihood scale. It is designed to gather valuable insights and feedback from different donor perspectives, helping organizations optimize their fundraising strategies.

How does Donor Focus Panel work

The Donor Focus Panel utilizes the power of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology to create a highly interactive and engaging platform. Here’s how it works:

  • Users access the Donor Focus Panel through the provided GPT Store Link.
  • Upon entering the panel, users are greeted with a welcome message and prompted to begin reviewing campaign materials.
  • The panel presents users with a series of prompts or questions related to their donor personas.
  • Users rate the campaign materials based on their likelihood of donation, level of interest, appeal to specific donor types, etc.
  • The responses and feedback provided by the users are collected, analyzed, and used to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign materials.
  • Organizations can then use these insights to refine their strategies, tailor their messaging, and better target their fundraising efforts.

Capabilities, Features, and Functions of Donor Focus Panel

The Donor Focus Panel offers a range of capabilities, features, and functions to enhance the donor persona review process. Some of these include:

  • Virtual focus group experience: The Donor Focus Panel simulates a real focus group environment, allowing users to provide feedback in a structured and interactive manner.
  • Easy usability: The panel is user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring a seamless experience for anyone using it.
  • Prompt starters: The panel provides prompt starters or questions that help users assess the campaign materials from different donor perspectives.
  • Rating scale: Users can rate the materials on a donation likelihood scale, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Donor persona segmentation: The panel allows users to evaluate the appeal and relevance of the materials to specific donor personas such as major donors, legacy donors, monthly donors, event attendees, etc.

GPT Prompt Examples/Starters

To guide users in their review process, the Donor Focus Panel provides prompt starters or questions. Here are a few examples:

  • As a Board Member, how likely would you donate to this campaign?
  • As a Major Donor, rate your interest in this campaign.
  • What score would a Legacy Donor give to this material?
  • How appealing is this campaign to a Monthly Donor?
  • Would a Special Event Attendee be likely to support this?

How to Use GPT (ChatGPT Link/GPT Store Link)

To start using the Donor Focus Panel, simply click on the following link: Start using Donor Focus Panel on ChatGPT. This will redirect you to the GPT Store where you can access the panel and begin your review process.


The Donor Focus Panel is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to optimize their fundraising campaigns. By leveraging the capabilities of GPT technology and providing a virtual focus group experience, it enables organizations to gather valuable feedback and insights from diverse donor perspectives. With its user-friendly interface, prompt starters, and donor persona segmentation, it offers a comprehensive solution to enhance fundraising strategies and improve donation likelihood. Start using the Donor Focus Panel today to unlock valuable insights and drive your fundraising efforts to new heights!

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