Does Twitter Use Artificial Intelligence?

Exploring Twitter’s Use of Artificial Intelligence

Twitter, a vastly popular social media platform globally, plays a significant role in contemporary communication and information dissemination. With millions of tweets flooding the platform daily, it presents the challenging task of the user’s safety, prompting Twitter to incorporate modern technological solutions. One such advanced solution is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Twitter using AI

Twitter leverages AI to handle myriad concerns such as user recommendations, hate speech, ad targeting, and language translations to name a few. This article ventures into the depths of how Twitter utilizes Artificial Intelligence, the ways it enhances its platform, and an overview of other social media platforms that are following suit.

Artificial Intelligence: A Game-Changer for Twitter?

Unquestionably, Twitter profusely uses Artificial Intelligence. The primary motive behind Twitter’s AI application is to refine the recommendation system. It offers users to follow germane accounts and interact with tweets aligning with their interests.

Artificial intelligence powered by machine learning algorithms curates personalised content and tweets, enhancing each user’s timeline experience.

AI in Twitter

These algorithms analyse a user’s Twitter account and scrutinize user behaviour, like the type of content they prefer, topics of interest, and followed accounts, amongst others. Based on such comprehensive data, the algorithm suggests tweets and posts that reflect users’ interests and preferences. Twitter uses AI not only for content but also to identify inappropriate or potentially harmful content.

Twitter’s AI-Enhancements: A Comprehensive Round-Up

Twitter extensively uses AI to amplify users’ experience online and bolster their platform. Following are the top 7 methodologies via which Twitter utilizes AI:

1. Combat Hate Speech

With almost 500 million tweets sent daily, Twitter becomes a hotbed for hate speech and inappropriate conversations. Twitter banks on AI and machine learning algorithms to battle against abusive and spam content to provide a safe environment.

Twitter battling hate speech

Automated algorithms facilitate the detection and flagging of inappropriate content amidst millions of tweets, further forwarded to human moderators for review.

2. Language Translation

Twitter harbours an AI-driven translation feature, allowing users to translate any tweet into a different language. This feature, designed for a global reach, helps break language barriers.

3. Ad Targeting

As one of the most popular platforms with millions of tweets daily, Twitter provides a ripe marketplace for marketers. The AI and machine learning algorithm facilitate user data analysis, yielding insights about users’ interests, preferences, and browsing habits. Advertisers can promote their ads to specific audience segments, driven by AI to target ad delivery to users likely to engage with the advertisement.

4. Discovering Relevant Topics

AI and machine learning help users find germane and useful topics. Twitter applies these algorithms to understand an individual’s behaviour and choices. It surfaces content compatible with users’ interests helping the platform to determine suitable topics and hashtags for the users.

5. Improved Search Results

Twitter employs AI to enhance search results, enabling users to access the most popular and related content on the platform when they search for a particular topic or hashtag. The search results are specifically enhanced during special events.

6. Suggestions for New People to Follow

The AI algorithm analyses following lists, engagement patterns, and user interests. The analysis helps generate a list of people for users to follow, augmenting their experience on Twitter.

7. Enhanced Video Quality

Twitter ensures top-quality videos for its users. Machine learning algorithms scrutinize shared videos on Twitter and recommend possible quality enhancement methods. AI even generates preview images to engage users.

Is Deep Learning Integral to Twitter’s AI Strategy?

Deep learning plays a vital role on Twitter as a segment of machine learning that comprises neural networks with a variety of capabilities, including language processing, image recognition, and recommendation systems. Deep learning helps with content moderations, recommending tweets, assisting in finding related topics and hashtags, etc.

AI in Other Social Platforms

Several social media platforms bank on AI technologies for platform improvement, user experience enhancement, ad targeting, and personalized content recommendation. Some of them include:


Similar to Twitter, TikTok uses AI to suggest content based on user likes and saves. The AI also aids in personalizing feeds and suggesting video editing options.


Instagram uses AI and machine learning to identify and suggest the most appropriate content to its users.


Facebook employs AI and machine learning for content moderations like violation of community standards and automatic text translation.


LinkedIn’s AI application includes job recommendations based on skills and qualifications, candidate suggestion to recruiters and personalized content provision.


YouTube uses AI to recommend videos based on watched history and preferences. It also helps in content moderation, copyright infringement, and overall video suggestions.

Thus, AI is not only enhancing Twitter’s capabilities but is now a common technological acquisition, revolutionizing several social media platforms.

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