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What is Devil’s Advocate ?

Devil’s Advocate is a unique feature that challenges viewpoints with counterarguments and evidence. It is designed to provide users with a different perspective on various topics. Whether you are writing an article, engaging in a debate, or simply want to explore the other side of an argument, Devil’s Advocate can assist you in presenting a well-rounded viewpoint.

How does Devil’s Advocate work?

Devil’s Advocate utilizes OpenAI’s ChatGPT to generate counterarguments and opposing viewpoints. It analyzes the provided topic or statement and generates well-reasoned arguments that challenge the original viewpoint. This innovative feature is meant to stimulate critical thinking and encourage users to consider alternative perspectives.

Capabilities, Features and Functions

Devil’s Advocate offers the following capabilities, features, and functions:

  • Description: Challenges viewpoints with counterarguments and evidence.
  • Author: [Author’s Name]
  • Link domain: [Link to Author’s Website]
  • Welcome message: Ready to explore the other side of the argument?

GPT Prompt Examples/Starters

Here are some prompt starters you can use to engage Devil’s Advocate :

  • Why might this viewpoint be wrong?
  • Can you argue the opposite of this?
  • What’s the counterargument to this idea?
  • Show me a different perspective on this topic.

How to Use GPT (ChatGPT Link/GPT Store Link)

To start using Devil’s Advocate , click the button below:

Start using Devil’s Advocate on ChatGPT >>


Devil’s Advocate is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to expand their perspective and challenge their own viewpoints. By exploring alternative arguments and counterarguments, users can gain a deeper understanding of complex issues and engage in more informed discussions. Whether you are a writer, a debater, or simply curious about different perspectives, Devil’s Advocate is a powerful resource at your disposal.

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